Flights: Cabin crew member reveals ‘secret bunker’ hidden onboard aeroplanes

Flight attendants often work long hours and across time zones as part of their job jetting off around the world. This means they can often be quite tired during service and may need to catch up on missed sleep during the flight.


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Though crew aren’t able to sit alongside passengers and rest, this doesn’t mean they aren’t relaxing elsewhere on the plane.

A cabin crew member recently described the crew area onboard as a “secret bunker”.

Speaking on BBC Radio One’s Scott Mills Daily podcast, an unnamed flight attendant revealed: “There is a bunker.

“If the flight is over nine hours, that’s where we go.”

The radio presenter was left baffled, asking: “Where is it in the plane? That is what I want to know.

“Is it the front, the back? Where is the bunker that we never see?”

Though it might not be immediately noticeable to the untrained eye, it turns out the bunker is situated in two hidden locations.

Another flight attendant explained: “The secret bunker where the stewards and stewardesses sleep is in the middle or at the back, but either above passenger seats in the roof of the plane or on an A380 it’s in the belly.”

The belly of the plane is the lower park, beneath the cabins.

“In the bottom of the plane – that is mad,” said Mills.

“They are all sleeping above us or below us, that is where they are.”

Though it can be described as a “bunker”, airline staff tend to refer to it as “the crew rest area”.

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While the rest area is in the plane’s belly on an A380, on a Boeing 777 it is located above the ceiling of first class.

An anonymous flight attendant on Reddit explained: “There are two beds behind the seats as well as personal entertainment screens for each seat.”

Meanwhile, the secret rest area onboard a Boeing 787 is located above economy class.

It is made up of two fully flat beds, divided by a small wall to allow crew members some privacy.


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Much like passenger seats, the beds have seat belts in case the plane hits any turbulence along the way.

For the most part, the crew rest area is off-limits to passengers and is even often sealed with a secure lock.

The doors are also placed inconspicuously, so that passengers may not even notice them as they pass.

However, Radio One co-presenter Chris Stark said he had been given a sneak peek of the rest area on one flight.

“I was on quite a long flight, me and my mate. We went to the back of the plane and we met some air stewardesses who were able to provide us with a couple of drinks,” he said.

“Everyone else was sleeping, and we didn’t really want to sleep, so got chatting to them and they showed me the little bunker.

“I had a quick look in the bunker and what is mad it that it is kind of above you.

“So, these air stewards and stewardesses, they are sleeping above you when you are on a plane.”

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