Flights: The disgusting reason cabin crew never drink water on a plane

Cabin crew are flight experts and spend a long time on an airplane flying from country to country. Flight attendants have recently revealed what fliers should not drink when flying and what they certainly never do.


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According to Healthline, recent testing found the tap water on airplanes to be unsanitary and the quality varies greatly between different airlines.

Testing found the presence of microorganisms in the water, including bacteria.

Researchers advise airline passengers to never drink water aboard an airplane unless it’s sealed in a bottle.

This includes water for coffee and tea.

They also advise passengers to avoid washing your hands in the bathrooms and suggest using hand sanitiser instead.

Their research indicated that disease-causing pathogens could be present too.

Jay Robert, flight attendant and founder or Fly Guy confirmed that even the cabin crew do not drink the water onboard.

He said: “I have even spoken to other crew who have become very sick after drinking hot beverages from an aircraft.

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“But it’s not just about the aircraft’s tanks or pipes,” Jay added. “The flight you are on from London or Los Angeles might just have returned from an underdeveloped country that wouldn’t have the same high sanitation levels as the country you are in now.”

Another flight attendant revealed to Business Insider that flight attendants will skip lots of different beverage choices.

The attendant said: “Flight attendants will not drink hot water on the plane.

“They will not drink plain coffee, and they will not drink plain tea.”


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This is because while the water tanks do get cleaned, they’re never informed when or how often.

Beverages aren’t the only thing that flight attendants tell people to avoid.

Flights can be a very dirty place due to the high volume of people using the aircraft.

Many planes don’t get thoroughly cleaned between services, due to time restraints, meaning the dirt from other passengers can be left behind.

Areas such as the seats and toilets are the worst offenders for harbouring germs and bacteria.

According to flight attendants on Reddit, the aircraft floors are filthy and you should never walk down the aisles without footwear.

More so, you should also never go into the toilet on a plane barefoot.

One ex flight attendant wrote: “Former flight attendant here. Keep your shoes on. Keep. Your. Shoes. On. The floor is so filthy it’s ridiculous. And that isn’t water you are feeling.”

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