Flights: Why you should collect Avios points now – but never make this holiday error

Avios points are collected by numerous Britons and can be spent on a plethora of travel rewards. It’s easy to think these can only be accrued by jet-setting – which is something many people may well not want to do amid the coronavirus pandemic. Luckily an expert has revealed how you can collect Avios points without ever hopping on a plane.

Nicky Kelvin, Director of Content at The Points Guy UK, shared his travel advice regarding the coveted points with

“Even during lockdown, it’s important to stay savvy and build up your points for your next trip,” he said.

“This is much easier than you think – make any online purchases through airline shopping portals and you’ve earned yourself some Avios from home.

“Rather than going directly to the retailer’s website, go to the airline shopping portal first and log in and enter the store’s website that way.

“You can even earn miles from home from switching your energy provider, and make sure to keep an eye out for BA’s Avios bonuses.

However, you not only have to be savvy with how you collect your Avios but also with how you spend them.

Kelvin warned there’s one big mistake you should never make.

He cautioned that travellers should never spend them on hotels.

“You should avoid booking hotels with Avios,” he said.

“You almost always get poor value with Avios hotel bookings which is why I’d never recommend using Avios for hotels (unless you are very Avios rich and very cash poor).”

Kelvin also advises against spending them on onboard food and drink on a plane.

“There are a number of other poor uses of Avios, such as buying food and drink on board from BA’s buy-on-board menu in European economy,” the expert explained.

“Though not coming close to our 1.2 valuation, for such small amounts, this can make sense (and/or makes little difference), and I have been known to be an Avios buyer for that needed coffee on board.”

Buying wine with Avios is also inadvisable. “BA also offers various promotions to buy wine via the Executive Club website,” Kelvin detailed.

“Though it depends on what wines you’d get, the current offers range from 9,500 Avios to 14,800 Avios for six bottles.

“At our valuations and those rates, you’re effectively paying £114 to £177 for six bottles.

“To some extent, whatever the quality, there are bound to be better deals not using Avios.”

As for the best use of Avios, Kelvin maintains this is Reward Flight Savers (RFS).

“BA caps taxes and fees on these at £35 return for economy flights and £50 for Club Europe flights,” he explained.

“RFS are only available for flights of less than 2,000 miles, so largely only to European destinations.

“The reason why I love RFS is that they can help save some serious money. Shorter one-way flights across Europe are either 4,000 or 4,500 Avios each, depending on peak or off-peak, and £17.50.”

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