Flying hack: The best foods to eat on long flights – ‘helps you drift off’

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Unfortunately, many British travellers suffer from jet lag after a long journey. But there are a few foods that might help tourists avoid the dreaded sickness.

Tom Bennett, a chef at MuscleFood told “The importance of your diet and the effect it has on all aspects of your body cannot be understated.

“From sleep to energy levels, food is fuel for your body and loading up on the right nutrients and minerals can help you combat the effects of jet lag.

Travelling can drain your energy,even if you are only sitting on a plane, so it’s important to reimburse those levels through what you eat.

“For foods to avoid jet lag, it all comes down to the nutrients involved in the food – for example, foods high in magnesium such as peanuts will help people drift off to sleep if their body clock is forward.

“Magnesium aids sleep as it regulates the hormones that trigger sleep cycles in the body.

“Contrastingly, potassium-rich, high-sugar foods like fruits will help keep people awake if their body clock is behind. This is because potassium is responsible for producing energy.”

Almonds, cashews and peanuts

Nuts are very rich in magnesium which is shown to help people relax and improve their sleep.

If people need to get to sleep earlier than they normally would, nuts could help them to drift off.


One of the best ways to stay hydrated on a long-haul flight is to eat foods that contain a high water content.

Tom recommends food such as strawberries, watermelon and celery to stay hydrated on a long-haul flight.

Travellers should also drink plenty of water if they want to have the best chance of avoiding any jet lag.

It’s a good idea to bring a refillable water bottle to the airport so tourists can stay hydrated after security.


Tom told “Fighting the urge to fall asleep too early after a holiday can be difficult, but we all know the importance of powering through!

“Bananas are packed full of potassium and natural sugars to help give your body the boost it needs to stay awake.”

A banana is also easy to pack and a great choice of snack if tourists are visiting a destination without clean tap water.

An unpeeled banana is a hygienic source of slow-release energy, perfect for a long-haul flight.

Tom added: “Jet lag is your body’s response to crossing multiple time zones and the disruption this causes to your body’s internal clock.

“When returning from holiday, you may struggle sleeping or staying awake at your usual time, as your body has gotten used to a different time zone.

“The feeling can last up to a week.”

While tourists won’t usually suffer jetlag from a short-haul flight, these three foods could also help to combat plane nausea.

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