Get the Most From Your Host During the COVID-19 Outbreak

As the coronavirus pandemic continues to impact travel businesses of all sizes, Cruise Planners is seeing an increase in the number of new franchise inquiries from travel advisors, as it’s already established and offers a unique, work-from-home model for franchise owners.

The company is urging other advisors to take a deeper look at their current situation to see if they are getting the most out of their host during the COVID-19 outbreak. Cruise Planners offers 10 questions for advisors to ask their host in order to see more clearly what they are currently getting:

1. Are you providing regular updates on the impact to our company and the industry as a whole?

2. Are you informing me in live time of updates to cancellation policies for all major suppliers?

3. Do I have access to regular webinars with supplier executives to stay informed?

4. Are you informing me of small business and tax relief opportunities?

5. Have you delayed or missed any commission payments?

6. Have you waived monthly fees during this time?

7. What marketing content are you providing to address concerns and help keep me top of mind with customers?

8. Do I have access to a dedicated coach to help guide me during this difficult time?

9. Do you provide me a recognized brand to provide assurance to my customers?

10. What technology do you have to keep track of my clients’ FCCs?

Cruise Planners is dedicated to helping its travel advisors make the most out of an unpleasant situation, and it’s doing whatever it can in order to make things easier on advisors during a rough period.

For example, the company created a grid that includes the top suppliers’ cancelation policies for advisors to keep handy instead of wasting time finding this information on their own. It’s also hosting supplier executives to speak on webinars and creating additional marketing content that adjusts as the current situation changes.

Franchise owners can rest assured knowing the company is not only advocating to protect commissions with major cruise lines, but that monthly fees are temporarily waived to provide some relief.

During this time, Cruise Planners is also providing personal coaching on handling concerns from clients as well as education on tax relief opportunities.

Cruise Planners is dedicated to ensuring its consultants have everything they need not only during this uncertain period but all the time. The company offers personalized coaching plans, technology designed to drive sales and several types of trainings and tools, among other benefits.

CEO Michelle Fee is providing all the support necessary for advisors, and many franchise owners are finding success in working with Cruise Planners.

Travel advisors interested in purchasing a franchise can visit for more information.

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