Google Maps Street View: Bizarre image mysteriously splits woman in two – what is this?

Google Maps Street View is a navigation tool in which people can visit their favourite places around the world. One user has discovered a mysterious sighting in a park situated in Romania.


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The scene takes place at a popular park called Alexandru Ioan Cuza Park in Bucharest, Romania.

The sun is shining overhead and the park appears to be very desolate, despite two women walking across the path near a fountain.

At first glance, nothing appears to be out of the ordinary but when looking closer there is something very mysterious about this photo.

The two women in the shot appear to be wearing the same coat, have the same colour hair and are carrying the same bag.

They are a few feet apart from each other though and are stood in different positions.

The woman on the left has her head up while walking away from the fountain.

The lady on the right appears to have her head down with one of her legs in front of the other, suggesting she is also walking.

So, how could this have happened?

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One Reddit user commented on the photo and said: “Identical twins.”

However, other users weren’t too sure and suggested that this may be down to the fault of a Google technical problem.

Another person said: “If this wasn’t a glitch it’d be kinda scary ngl.”

It appears that this woman has become stuck in a classic Google glitch, something that often happens on the site.


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Due to the world constantly moving, objects including people and cars can often provide stitching errors for Google.

Google Maps creates the images by stitching together the 360 degree image sets submitted by users, meaning errors can easily occur.

If an object is captured whilst moving, it can create what is known as a glitch.

What must have happened is that the woman was moving when the Google camera was taking both sets of images.

What makes this scene so unusual however, is that there is nothing to recognise the glitch as it is perfectly clean.

Sometimes the people who get stuck in the glitch are often missing a body part so it is obvious that is down to a Google fault.

Another glitch that left Reddit users wondering what they were seeing was a scene that took place in the popular tourist attraction of Chichen Itza ancient Mayan ruins in Mexico.

Looking at the photo, there is something very bizarre about the woman in the photos legs.

They appear to be bent outwards, in a way normal legs never do.

The image went viral on Reddit and thousands claimed that this was an alien sighting.

However, it transpired that this woman had become stuck in the common glitch.

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