Google Maps: Street View captures illegal driving move – who is driving the car?

Google Maps Street View is used regularly by users who wish to view the world from their own homes. Users can look at various landmarks such as the Eiffel Tower, the pyramids and the Great Wall of China all from the comfort of their sofa. It’s a great tool for those who are likely never going to be able to visit some of the world’s most impressive wonders of the world.


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However, sometimes Street View is used by eagle-eyed users to spot incriminating scenes.

These users often shares these images, which can range from being hilarious to rude, in the hopes that they will go viral.

Some users often spot people and animals doing strange things.

Even bizarre objects found on the tool can become famous across social media.

Google’s massive camera lens captures both the weird and the wonderful.

In fact, the best scenes often do go viral.

This could be the case for one scene which shows an illegal move which may have led to someone getting arrested.

The scene unfolds in Pickering, Ontario in Canada on a street called Fieldlight Boulevard.

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The image seems fairly regular with a junction and some traffic lights.

But when you look more closely, you will see everything is not as it seems.

On the pavement, there are two pedestrians waiting to cross the road.

One of them is a small girl, possibly a child, wearing a black rucksack and khaki coloured coat.

The other is a boy also wearing a rucksack and a grey waterproof coat.

There is a small, burgundy 4×4 driving across the road they are looking to cross.

The small car has a tire on the back and appears to be at almost a complete standstill as there is no blurring on the car.

If you zoom-in on the car, you can see that there is no one driving the car.

Instead, there is a small dog driving the car.

The dog appears to have light hair and floppy ears as its head sticks up from the driver’s side of the car which in Canada is commonly on the left.

But is the dog really driving or is it a prank?

It is not clear whether the dog is really driving but it is likely that the driver was trying to make it look like the dog was driving for the Street View camera.

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