Google Maps: Street view catches person lying asleep in bizarre location – where are they?

Google Maps Street View is a tool and app used by people around the world to find their way across their own country as well as destinations abroad. The tool is used by people trying to navigate their way to local shops, and those planning road trips across continents. More recently, the tool has been used to spot some bizarre occurrences.

The tool is normally used as an online mapping service which is owned by Google.

Google Maps offers users the ability to access satellite images, street maps, panoramic views of streets and route planning.

Sometimes the most bizarre scenes found on Google Maps go viral.

In fact, some images spotted by eagle-eyed users on the tool can sometimes go down in history.

This particular image was spotted in a car park in Charleston, South Carolina.

From afar, this image looks fairly regular.

But on closer inspection, it becomes clear that everything is not as it seems.

The screenshot shows a person lying in the middle of a footpath of some kind.

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It appears that the individual is asleep or partaking in a prank.

The man is wearing a blue t-shirt, red trainers and beige coloured shorts.

They appear to be on the outskirts of a park or gardens with trees and grass in the background.

The person is also lying next to some cannons and cannonballs.

The individual is lying near a landmark called The Battery which is a promenade in Charleston named after a civil-war defence artillery battery based at the site.

When you zoom in on the photo, the person appears to have their eyes shut which means they could be asleep.

However, this seems unlikely, especially on concrete.

It’s more likely that the individual is partaking in a prank similar to planking.

Planking usually involves lying face down in a public place – usually the stranger the better.

The person planking usually has their photo taken which is normally uploaded onto social media sites.

Those taking part usually lie down expressionless with a straight body and hands by their sides which is what this person appears to be doing.

The strange sight was spotted by an eagle-eyed Reddit user.

The posted the image on the site with the caption, “Between two cannons in a park seems as good as a place to take a nap as any (Charleston, SC.”

The sight was also posted on Imgur with the caption, “the magic of the internet”.

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