Google Maps Street View: Dramatic accident caught on camera as truck driver left red-faced

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Google Maps Street View is a tool used by countless people all over the world, ostensibly for practical, geographical reasons but also as a source of entertainment. Anyone who finds themselves in the Street View camera’s line of fire may well come to regret it. This was likely the case for one driver snapped by the Google car.

A hilarious and dramatic series of images captured the moment things took an unpleasant turn – quite literally – for the truck driver.

The male motorist was first photographed as he rounded a corner.

In the back of his exposed truck are two wooden pallets stacked high with packaged bottles of drink.

So far, nothing much is out of the ordinary.

However, if the Google Maps user travels further down the street to see what happened next, it doesn’t look promising for the driver.

The subsequent shot shows the truck as it swings into the road.

It would seem the movement was a touch too fast for the unsecured bottles.

The two towers of packages in the truck can be seen leaning perilously towards the kerb.

It’s when one moves further down the road on Street View that the finale comes into view.

Disaster has well and truly struck.

The third shot shows the aftermath of the speedy turn.

The bottles have cascaded right off the truck and lie strewn on the ground.

Their packaging is ripped and come loose.

While some of the drink packs remain intact, some of the bottles have broken free.

Liquid can be seen pooling on the road, further adding to the messy scene.

On the left, a man, thought to the driver, walks towards the scattered bottles.

His face cannot be seen due to Google’s privacy rules but it’s likely the accident rather ruined his day.

What happened next is not clear. The series of images was posted to US content-sharing site Reddit, with the caption: “Oops” and ended with the final action shot.

Viewers were keen to know the next chapter, though.

“It ends too soon,” one wrote.

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