Google Maps Street View: Horrifyingly creepy figure censored by Google in scary photo

Google Maps Street View has something of an all-seeing eye as the tech giant’s cars map the world. The lens captures scenes all over the globe. Some of them are truly chilling.


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One such example of this is a sight spotted in Nancy, France.

In fact, it was so petrifying Google went on to blur out the image after it first went viral.

The spectacle was photographed as the Street View car passed by a property with a balcony.

The building itself is rather nondescript.

However, it’s what is standing on the balcony that is particularly hair-raising.

There, behind a stationary bike and next to the window, stands a figure.

At a quick glance, it seems to be human.

However, on closer inspection, it is nothing of the sort.

In fact, there’s something other-worldly about the alien-like figure.

Firstly, the being is alarmingly thin.

Its legs are particularly emaciated as it stands upright.

Meanwhile, its head contrasts strongly in size compared to the skeletal frame.


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The head seems oddly large.

Straggly yellow hair hangs either side of the face.

But it’s the eyes that strike the most terror.

They are enormous and appear to stare right back out at the viewer.

What’s more, only the whites of the eyes can be seen.

So what can this horrifying figure be?

It’s believed the figure is not in fact human but rather some kind of tiki statue.

However, the fact that Google decided to censor the scene serves to make the image even more disturbing.

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