Google Maps Street View: Man found lying on street in horrifying position – what happened?

Google Maps helps people view landmarks and cities as if they were there in real life. You can also map to nearly anywhere in the world and it will take you directly there. However sometimes when users scan the site, they come across some weird and terrifying scenes that leave people asking lots of questions. That was definitely the case for this man who was spotted lying down in the middle of a normal looking street.

This scene takes place in a very busy high street in Doncaster, UK.

There are lots of people going about their everyday life and the high-street is packed with shops.

The sun is shining overhead and there is a small cobbled street running through the middle of the town.

Nothing looks out of the ordinary, until a man is spotted stretched out lying down in the middle of the road.

Posting on forum site Reddit, one eagle-eyed Google Maps user captioned the photo: “Man looks on as he’s stretched out over the road.”

The man is stretched out covering nearly the whole street and is missing most of his body.

His head, arms and legs are nowhere to be seen but he looks like he is in a walking position.

The man is wearing a burgundy t-shirt and a khaki jacket along with jeans.

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What makes this scene very odd is that a similar looking man can be spotted just behind him on the pavement.

This man is wearing the same jacket, same t-shirt and same jeans.

From a different angle, the man is walking along the street and his leg can be seen a few feet in front of his actual leg.

So what is going on here, has Google just uncovered a set of triplets?

Unfortunately this isn’t the case and what is going on seems to be down to the fault of a common Google glitch.

Glitches are fairly common on Google Maps due to a number of reasons.

Google Maps creates the images by stitching together the 360 image sets submitted by users, meaning small errors can easily occur.

People are constantly moving, especially in a high-street and so this man may have got caught in a glitch.

Although no one else on the high-street seems to be caught in the same glitch so the system must have just made an error on this man.

The camera must have just been passing this man as he was walking.

The stitching then becomes confused and creates what is known as a glitch.

However it is very rare that the same person is caught in a glitch twice like this man has.

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