Google Maps Street View: Person caught in very unusual predicament as they enter this item

Google Maps Street View captures scenes from across the globe. People are often snapped going about their daily lives. This can sometimes result in some very strange spectacles indeed.


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One such image is going viral after being posted to content-sharing site Reddit.

It photographed a person in a driveway outside a bungalow.

However, they’re involved in a very odd activity.

They are keeling by a green wheelie bin.

The receptacle is lying on the ground and the person is foraging inside.

Their entire torso is hidden inside the bin.

It looks as though they are searching for something.

However, there’s no indication of what they could be hunting.

Perhaps they accidentally threw something away and are now trying to retrieve it.

The Google Maps user is simply left to guess what might have happened.

Reddit users were quick to offer their own suggestions for the scenario.

“Maaa!! Who threw away my leftover ravioli?” one wrote.


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Some suggested he was up to no good.

“Needed to push in the body deeper,” a Redditor penned.

One thought maybe they had spotted the Street View car coming.

“Holy s**t, Google Maps car is approaching, act normal!” they quipped.

Another suggested the person was doing a disappearing act.

“So long, cruel world!” they offered.

One hopes the person eventually found what they were looking for!

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