Google Maps: Unusual glowing object sparks UFO debate in Australia

Google Maps Street View has been known to discover some of the world’s most weird and wonderful scenes. It can also be used to help user’s travel the planet and see some of the most impressive landmarks. However, one user found this bizarre object that sparked UFO concerns amongst Google Maps user’s.


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One scene that was uncovered was that in the Australian outback.

The satellite view shows a desert in the outback of Australia.

The scene looks normal and is completely desolate for miles.

However in the middle of the deserted scene areas to be some sort of object.

It is unclear as to what the object may be but one user posted the photo on Reddit and claimed it was a UFO sighting.

The Reddit user who posted the photo wrote: “What the heck is this in the middle of the Australian outback near Oodnadatta track?”

It is hard to make the object out but it looks like it has holes around the edge of it which is what sparked the UFO concerns amongst eagle-eyes google maps users.

Also because the spaceship-like object is in the middle of a forest surrounded by trees, people questioned why there was no human life around.

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At closer inspection, it appears to be a water tower instead of a vehicle from outer space.

A Reddit user replied to the photo and said: “It’s definitely a cattle water trough, possible with a bore head attachment.

“The picture isn’t good enough quality to tell what exactly is in the picture, but at a guess I would say the bore head, a trough for cattle to drink from, a 30,000 litre water tank.”

One replied: “Thank you so much bruh, you have lifted a massive burden from my shoulders.”


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This isn’t the first time an eagle-eyed Google Maps user has discovered a bizarre object in the middle of a desolate area.

An object was spotted in Romania in a forest near Timisoara.

Many claimed that it could be a sign of extraterrestrial activity.

At first glance, the object is in a desolate area in the middle of a forest with trees surrounding.

The bizarre object is white and shaped almost like a spaceship with small holes around the edge.

At closer inspection, it appears to be a water tower instead of a vehicle from outer space.

One user on Google wrote: “Amazing. Its Real, Been There And Seen It.”

However another said: “It is just a water filtering facility built in the architectural style of Wiener Secession.”

The image went viral and has been called Alien UFO Resort on the destination on Google Maps.

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