Government plans to drop quarantine for EU and US – can I travel there without isolating

Rayner says removing quarantine travel measures ‘reckless’

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Ministers will meet to discuss travel restrictions today. If the plans are approved it would provide a much-needed boost to the struggling aviation and tourism industries, who are continuing to put pressure on the Government to help them.

The changes could come into force in England as soon as next week.

If the plans are introduced, US and EU travellers who have been fully vaccinated would be allowed to travel to England without the need to quarantine upon arrival.

Who would be exempt from self-isolating under the new plans?

Currently, the plans only extend to US and EU travellers.

These travellers must be fully vaccinated with two doses of the vaccine.

Unvaccinated travellers or those who have only had one jab will still need to quarantine for 10 days.

Fully vaccinated travellers from countries outside the EU and US could be allowed inbound quarantine-free travel at a later date.

Will these new measures cover the devolved nations?

Whitehall and devolved administration officials are expected to meet to decide if the changes would apply to England only, or if all four nations of the UK would be included.

The devolved nations have so far taken a more cautious approach to the lifting of coronavirus restrictions.

These new plans are likely to be introduced at a later date in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Will I have to quarantine in the EU and US?

England has been one of the fastest nations to lift restrictions.

The Government has said the UK has been allowed to lift restrictions earlier than most countries owing to the success of the vaccine programme.

Whilst England is expected to remove the need for US and EU travellers to quarantine upon arrival, the EU and US may continue to enforce travel restrictions for Brits.

What are the current restrictions for British travellers to the US?

The US does not intend to lift Covid travel restrictions for non-US citizens the White House has said.

Despite pressure from airlines and tourism industry lobbyists in the US, the ban on foreign travel has been extended.

This decision to extend the ban was due to a rise in infections in the US, concerns over the transmissibility of the Delta and a recent advisory against travel to the UK.

British nationals are not allowed to travel to the US from the UK.

Only US citizens and permanent residents of the USA, close family members and other limited categories of visas holders (such as UN staff and diplomats) are exempt from this ban.

Travel restrictions to the EU

Countries within the EU have not taken collective action when it comes to deciding their travel restrictions

Each country has its own travel rules on allowing British travellers in. Some countries, such as Spain, will allow Brits in even those who have been unvaccinated.

While others such as Denmark and Bulgaria have taken a tougher stance, entry to such countries is only allowed with a “valid” reason for travel.

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