Guests leave hotel four days early while others dash at 2am due to odd noises

A hotel in Blackpool has come under fire from guests who say they had to leave in the early hours of the morning due to strange noises.

Norbreck Castle was slammed on TripAdvisor by a number of posters who ranked it as the "worst hotel they’d ever stayed in".

Grumpy guests claims that there were children “smashing things, knocking on doors and screaming” after midnight.

The disruption meant that the poster left the Britannia-owned hotel at 2am, reports LancsLive.

“Harry S” said that the three star hotel was the worst he’s stayed in and that staff did nothing to remedy the situation when alerted to it.

The review said: "I've stayed in some horrific hotels abroad and this hotel beats the lot of them. Requested a refund at 2am and driving home, that's how bad it was.

"We arrived to the hotel so (sic) find an 'event' on in the lobby, we had to queue an hour to check in.

"Save your money from visiting Blackpool Zoo as the characters you'll see walking around this hotel top any animal.”

He drove the two hours home instead of remaining at the hotel which he said “makes HMP Belmarsh look like the Ritz."

And, it looks like Harry’s not the only person to be disappointed with their stay at Norbreck Castle.

Another reviewer, from the same month, claimed they left “within an hour” of checking in.

“Katy A” noted that she took her family and left four days early!

She said: "Booked two hotel rooms they couldn’t have been further from each other so we went to the family room on the fifth floor. Passing dancers practicing in the hall ways stair way you name it they were there. Litter on windowsills class doors broken and indicated with tape.

"Arrived at the room I would say on first arrival the room furniture looked like it had been bought At a charity shop. Scratched bed wasn’t put together properly. Bunk beds made from wood but the cheapest you could think off. But we decided it’s our holiday we have just travelled three hours from Edinburgh it will be fine let’s have a brew.

"Picked up the first cup dirty second one dirty. Tray they were lying on dirty. That’s when we noticed more. Dirty round the radiator. The toilet bowl rim clearly hadn’t been cleaned the thick dirty on the windows."

The mum also said that her child found nail scissors on the floor and chewing gum stuck in the carpet.

So, they took a refund and left rather than stay at the hotel.

Katy said: "Yes the staff were nice but that didn’t make up for the state of the hotel and the room. The other room we booked we made a quick stop still dated but I didn’t inspect anything in that one I have never felt so dirty from being in a hotel for less than an hour."

Norbreck Castle has a rating of two out of five on TripAdvisor and costs around £55 per night.

The hotel has 480 bedrooms including many with a sea view – and not all guests had unpleasant experiences.

Another review stated: “I’ve seen so many bad reviews on here and I really think it’s a shame for the hotel and staff.

“It’s not the most modern hotel you can find, but you get what you pay for! It’s a cheap hotel in Blackpool.

“The room was clean, bathroom was spotless, bed was clean and freshly made.

“The furniture in the bedrooms is outdated, but what do you expect from a budget hotel with over 400 rooms?”

Britannia Hotels has been contacted for comment.

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