Hand luggage: Always do this with your toiletries to beat cabin baggage liquids rule

Hand luggage for flights comes with all sort of rules that can make packing a bit of a headache. There’s are many things you cannot pack and airlines can be strict with size and weight. One thing all carriers agree on is the liquid limit for carry on baggage.


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Plane passengers are only allowed to take on 100ml of a liquid.

These then need to fit into a small, clear plastic bag for when your hand luggage goes through airport security.

For those who are only taking cabin baggage, sticking to the liquids allowance can be difficult.

Many travellers choose to buy their go-to toiletries in travel size.

However, experts have suggested this is, in fact, a mistake.

American car rental agency company Alamo have shared their packing tips.

They explained that a savvier option is to decant the toiletries you already have into small bottles.

“One hundred millilitres (3 ounces) may be too much product for beauty items such as face wash, moisturiser and cleanser,” explained Alamo.

“All you might need is a pea-size amount.

“Instead of buying travel-size toiletries, use smaller 10ml, 25ml or 50ml containers and decant the exact amount of product you’ll need for your trip.

“This is particularly useful for makeup products such as foundation or concealer.

“You definitely won’t need full sizes for the average vacation.”


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Another top tip is to eschew liquid toiletries altogether and opt for solid equivalents.

Shampoo, conditioner, shower gel, soap and makeup can all come in solid versions.

This way you can take as much as you like without having to adhere to the liquids rules.

Alternatively, opt for wipes or powders where you can.

It’s also worth remembering that your hotel may well offer a number of key toiletries.

Jet-setters can check online or even phone up the hotel to find out what is provided.

Flights introduced the hand luggage liquid allowance restrictions back in 2006. It came after British police foiled a terror plot which saw terrorists smuggling explosives.

The incident was the largest terror plot ever discovered in Britain. The terrorists had improvised explosive devices which they had disguised in soft drink bottles.

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