Hand luggage: Never make this mistake if you want to beat Ryanair cabin luggage rules

Hand luggage for flights can be difficult to pack when you’re trying to meet baggage restrictions. Budget airlines such as Ryanair and easyJet are particularly strict. Passengers can only bring a small amount into the cabin for free.


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So how can jet-setters trying to keep costs down pack everything in their hand luggage without going over the limit?

There’s one easy mistake travellers should never make when holiday packing.

Blogger and author Patrice J. Williams claims to have never checked in hold luggage.

She shared one clothing faux pas you should avoid.

Williams explained that holidaymakers should never pack according to the length of the trip.

Instead, travellers should pack according to the activities they will be doing while away.

“I like to break the wardrobe basics down based on activities (because this can mean multiple changes throughout the day) versus strictly the number of days you’ll be somewhere,” Williams told NBC News.

“So if it’s a five-day beach getaway where you’ll be mostly relaxing, but going out at night once or twice, that might mean: three swimsuits, two dresses, three tops and two pairs of shorts; one pair of dressy sandals, one pair of flats and jewellery.

“This covers the casualness of a day on the beach and sightseeing, with the dressier options for having fun at night.”

Once you’ve decided what activities your packing will need to cater for you need to be careful when it comes to colours.

Williams recommends having a colour scheme.

This can make it much easier to assemble lots of different outfits around one item.


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“You don’t have to wear all neutrals, but even just having one cohesive colour makes it easy to play around with mixing and matching,” she said.

“And adding fun statement accessories is a way to create a new look, even if you’re wearing the same pieces.”

What travellers should never do is pack an item of clothing that only goes with one other item.

Flexibility and versatility are key when it comes to minimalist packing.

Another top tip is to avoid packing anything you bought last minute.

This is because it might turn out to not fit as well as you’d hoped or you might end up changing your mind about the new item.

What’s more, you run the risk of recent purchases not going with anything else you’ve packed.

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