Hand luggage: ‘Rolling’ technique could end up costing holidaymakers – ‘common mistake’

Martin Lewis Extreme Savers: Expert on how to cut luggage costs

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Airlines around the world have their own specific requirements for hand and cabin bag luggage, with many issuing an additional cost to check-in bags over a certain size or weight. As a result, holidaymakers can find themselves desperately trying to imagine new ways of packing that sidesteps these restrictive rules.

With holidays on the horizon for many Britons thanks to the Government’s “traffic light” system, baggage woes once again rearing their heads.

However, it turns out some of the techniques travellers think will save space and ultimately money might actually result in them taking up more room.

Nicole Street is the Co-Founder of Duchy, a luxury, sustainable handbag and travel luggage brand, and knows a thing or two about how to pack efficiently.

“When it comes to packing, we all too enthusiastically roll our clothes and accessories in an effort to save space,” she told Express.co.uk.

“However, as it turns out, there are times when you should do this and times when you definitely shouldn’t.”

Ms Street continued: “When it comes to your clothes, roll away.

“This will help you save space, prevent larger items from taking over your luggage and, as an added bonus, it’ll keep your favourite clothing pieces wrinkle-free – or close enough.

“Although, I wouldn’t recommend rolling your belts into a circle; this is a common mistake that doesn’t actually save space.

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“In reality, it leaves your belts taking up more room.

“Instead, lay your flat belts along the edges of your suitcase or the bottom of your bag.”

According to Ms Street, there is another item that holidaymakers often finds pushing them battling with the baggage allowance.

“Shoes are bulky and whether we like it or not, they take up a lot of room,” she said.

“Often, we pack our shoes in pairs and simply accept that they’re engulfing our luggage – fortunately, this needn’t be the case.

“Avoid packing your shoes in pairs and to save extra room, place them around the edges of your case or bag with their soles facing outwards.

“Meanwhile, place small items like socks and jewellery inside your shoes. That’s right, they can be storage too.”

There are also some items Ms Street recommends avoiding putting into your suitcase and instead suggests you wear them.

“Sometimes the most traditional tips are the most effective and definitely shouldn’t be forgotten,” she pointed out.

“For example, the suggestion that you should layer up and wear any heavy, bulky items you’d like to pack whilst travelling makes a lot of sense.

“Why squeeze them into your suitcase when you can make vital room for even more light pieces?

“Plus, if you’re hopping on a plane – which are known to be freezing – this will keep you warmer.”

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