Hand luggage: Top experts reveal the one clothing item that’s vital for ‘travel mishaps’

Hand luggage is a vital part of packing for a flight abroad especially with the numerous restrictions in place. It’s important that you not only pack what you need but also adhere to the cabin luggage allowance and follow the liquid rules in place. But sometimes it’s hard to know exactly what you need until a travel emergency occurs on your holiday, or even worse, on your flight.


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With that in mind, The Trip Sisters, Colleen Kelly and Catie Keogh revealed not only how to pack your luggage but the one clothing item you should include in your hand luggage that’s vital for travelling abroad.

Host, Creator and Executive Producer of the popular Emmy-nominated National PBS Television Series, ‘Family Travel with Colleen Kelly’, Colleen is a trusted voice in the travel industry and has become a well-known family travel expert in the US.

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Catie is an Emmy Award-winning Host and Executive Producer who is co-host – with her sister Colleen – of the television and radio show, ‘Trip Sisters’.

Together, the duo have become the tour de force of travel, culture and food, with an impressive knowledge of the best hacks and tips for packing your luggage.

The Trip Sisters’ main piece of advice is to pack luggage by the day.

They said: “If you plan on travelling to different places, pack your luggage by the day.

“This way, you’ll only have to dig into one suitcase instead of rummaging around multiple ones.

“Also, (and this is an obvious one) roll your clothes to avoid wrinkles and allow yourself more space in your suitcase.”

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Catie also revealed the key items she simply can’t travel without, which includes an innovative clothing hack.

Some of her favourite tips include the ‘Me Makeover Essentials Travel Makeup Kits’ and always bringing a dark coloured scarf with her on flights.

She added: “The dark colour helps if you have any travel mishaps and the scarf can double as a blanket in flight.”

Meanwhile, Colleen prefers her creature comforts so she can feel at home while away.

She revealed that she always brings her pillow from home so she can be comfortable wherever she travels.

But she explained that when you bring your own pillow, there is always one thing you have to remember.

She added: “Make sure to use a brightly coloured pillow case so you don’t get it mixed up with the hotel pillows!”

And in light of the COVID-19 pandemic, one top tip that the sisters shared for travelling in the future is thinking about the health of yourself and your travel companions.

They said: “Take yours and your travelling companion’s health and age into consideration.

“Any time you travel abroad, there are more risks than travelling domestically.

“You’ll likely have a longer flight, be in unfamiliar territory, and be investing more money.”

They added: “Also, be sure to bring any medications (even aspirin or allergy medicine) with you as they can be hard to get abroad.”

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