Hilarious holiday warning signs you’d hate to see travelling

Taking a holiday is about relaxing and leaving your worries at home.

But for a handful of unfortunate travellers, a day trip to the zoo, the beach or a hike has brought them extra stress.

People have been sharing the ‘Pictures of signs found all over the world that are slightly terrifying’ on Reddit.

Signs warning of a number of dangers have been given OTT descriptions or illustrations in order to catch the eye.

One particularly worrying sign was plastered onto shattered glass surrounding an animal enclosure at a zoo.

Another, which was placed on windows at a hotel in Dover, warned guests against opening because of a pigeon that tried to get into the rooms.

These are some of the best examples of signs you don’t want to see while on holidays.

This sign was attached to a shattered window at a bonobo animal enclosure.Source:Reddit

Worrying that anyone would consider climbing into a tiger enclosure in the first place.Source:Reddit

As long as the crocs know they’re supposed to stay in the river too.Source:Reddit

Usually this isn’t the last thing someone says before you head out for a hike.Source:Reddit

Hitchcock should have based The Birds around the peril of seagulls in an English coastal town.Source:Reddit

Just a nice relaxing day at the beach then.Source:Reddit

Brings a whole new meaning to the phrase apres ski.Source:Reddit

This looks like a professionally made sticker, which begs the question – how many businesses have problems with flying pigeon intruders?Source:Reddit

The check-in staff at this hotel could do with a few tips on how to welcome guests.Source:Reddit

No monkeying around when it comes to these primates.Source:Reddit

The worrying sign at the ‘airport beach’ in Saint Martin.Source:Reddit

You’d have to be really thirsty to drink from this bubbler.Source:Reddit

Even if this obviously isn’t a toy, you’d hope the switches and valves would have been turned off.Source:Reddit

A pretty graphic description of what can go wrong at the Grand Canyon.Source:Reddit

Poor Norman … and the poor kids that catch sight of this picture.Source:Reddit

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