Holidaymakers say being nice can helped them get first class upgrades on flights

If you’re a frequent flyer you may be sick of sitting in cramped, economy seats and wonder how you can snap up a business class ticket.

After all, we’ve all heard stories about people being upgraded without having to pay hundreds extra for the privilege.

And, according to Reddit users who have all been upgraded once before there’s a secret to getting yourself a better seat.

It won’t always get you a business class flight, but you never know when you could be lucky.

According to these holidaymakers, how you behave towards the staff is what will make the difference!

One person wrote: “One time I got upgraded to business class on an international flight because I was nice. I was traveling home as a surprise for my cousin's wedding.

“I show up and it turns out the flight is over booked. The guy in front of me threw a huge fit and was blaming the person checking everyone in.

“When it was my turn, I told her I understand it's not her fault, that I was only going to be home for a few days, and would appreciate it if she could get me on the flight but understood if it was out of her power.

“She told me to go wait for a couple minutes and she'll call me back up to the desk. Turns out she pulled some strings and got me a spot in business class. The guy who threw a fit didn't get on the flight.”

And, another person replied: “This is true. I was flying internationally and people were lining up to check in.

“The staff told everyone to get out of line and wait.

“Another couple as well my wife and I got out of line while no one else did.

“A moment later a staff member asked for our passports and they wound up upgrading us from economy to Business class. “

So, being nice and making your flight attendants' jobs easier are more likely to get you a great new seat assignment than yelling or being rude.

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Another travel lover has been upgraded for free commented: “Coming out of the Middle East it’s not uncommon to find someone in your seat who refuses to move.

“I wasn't in the mood for it but the poor crew member from Emirates was there and got a load of abuse from the guy (refusing to show ticket etc), I just took her to one side side and said put me anywhere, half jokingly I said; I have enough miles to upgrade to business if they could do that on the flight.

“Two minutes later she came back and loudly announced to the guy that I was being upgraded, they never took the miles.”

Another noted: “ I’m always nice to flight attendants because…why wouldn’t I be… And they always treat me like royalty.”

So, remember that the trick is to be kind to your cabin crew and maybe if you help them out in return you’ll snag one of the premium business class seats.

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