Holidays 2020: 10 risks to consider before you go abroad according to a travel expert

Holidays this year are looking like they could be possible as the government continues to hint at “air bridge” plans. Greece, Portugal and possibly France are on the cards as potentially brokering a deal with the UK over “air bridges”. The move would mean that foreign tourists from particular countries would be able to arrive and travel around the UK without having to isolate for 14 days.


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It would also mean that Britons could visit a particular country without having to face quarantine rules on arrival there or be quarantined on their return to the UK.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson is expected to announce the “air bridge” plans on June 29.

This is also the date when the UK is expected to review its current 14-day quarantine travel rules.

Other countries who could be looking to have an “air bridge” with the UK are Croatia, Italy, Spain and Turkey.

But now one travel risk expert has said that there are certain criteria Britons need to consider before they go on holiday overseas.

Chairman of the Travel Risk & Incident Prevention (TRIP) Group, Lloyd Figgins has his own concerns about Britons looking to go on holiday again.

The author of “The Travel Survival Guide”, is concerned that because airlines are offering flights once again, keen travellers could think it’s safe to travel again.

Mr Figgins said that it is not as straightforward as “is it safe or is it not”.

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He explained: “Whilst it’s important to know what the latest industry and FCO advice is, it’s just as important to consider what level of risk you as an individual feel comfortable or able to accept.

“Your personal circumstances can significantly impact how great the risk of travelling is to you.

“For example, can you afford to be isolated in another country?

“Can you afford to be quarantined on return to the UK? Will your employer continue to pay you?

“Do you have at risk relatives you care for? All these things increase the risks to you, should you decide to travel.

“It’s not as simple as being told it’s safe or it isn’t.”

“The current situation is still fluid and the risks differ greatly depending on where you are thinking of travelling to.

“We’re not saying don’t travel, what we are saying is really understand the personal risks before you do travel.

“By using the risk list you will be in a better position to make a more informed decision, which is right for you.”

Mr Figgins has come up with a list all people should consider before travelling:

  • Are you comfortable travelling at the moment?
  • Research your destination. This includes the latest information on infection rates in the country or region you are planning on visiting.
  • Research the infrastructure and the health system of the country or region you are travelling to. Are they able to cope with a spike in infections?
  • Know who within your travelling party might be at higher risk?
  • Know who at home might be at higher risk when you return from your travels?
  • Consider if you can afford to be quarantined or self-isolated, should the situation change suddenly.
  • What viable alternatives for travel are open to you?
  • Does your insurance policy cover you for coronavirus?
  • Are you able to evacuate if necessary? What does the evacuation plan involve?
  • What preparations do you have in place for returning home safely?

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