Holidays 2020: This travel company used coronavirus to rebrand – ‘it’s time to be brave’

The travel and tourism sector has faced financial struggle due to the continuing coronavirus pandemic. Airlines, cruise lines and travel companies have made sacrifices to help save their brands from going into administration. Job losses, store closures and furlough schemes have all been put in place in order to resurrect and save businesses from collapse.


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But one travel brand chose to use the coronavirus pandemic to rebrand and come back even stronger than ever.

Radical Storage, formerly BAGBNB, decided to take this time “take advantage” and rebrand during the coronavirus pandemic which saw the company go from making $20,000 (£16,035) a day to zero in just days.

The company launched a campaign in April with the slogan, ‘We Will Travel Again’ which was spotted on billboards across several major cities including London.

The aim was to keep travel alive for everyone and so they decided that now would be the time to rebrand.

Radical Storage is a luggage storage company that provides people with a sense of freedom when they’re travelling.

Wherever you are, you can jump onto Radical Storage’s app, find a business-based luggage storage location, which they call “Angels” and book a time to drop off your luggage and then collect later.

And if your plans don’t go to plan, you can always extend your baggage storage stay. spoke exclusively with the CEO of Radical Storage Alessandro Seina about his company, why he chose to rebrand now and his hopes for the future.

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“Same bag, new soul” is how Mr Seina described the rebranding of BAGBNB to Radical Storage.

In 2019, BAGBNB closed with a turnover of more than $5million, quickly establishing itself as a leader in luggage storage.

But despite garnering early success, Mr Seina’s ambition has led him to embrace the coronavirus challenge and “be brave”.

As well as a change in name, Radical Storage has implemented a contactless check-in and check-out system which simplifies and speeds up its system while providing safety for customers.

The company’s new app has also now been launched on Google Play and the Apple Store.

“Now, is the right time to be brave”, said Mr Seina.

“As a start-up, you need to anticipate the changes.

“It’s a matter of being the first to do something and to introduce a new procedure.

“And during a changing world, now people will be asking for a change in procedure more than ever.”

He added: “So we decided to take advantage of this moment to speed up some processes that would normally take longer.

“We have implemented and improved the experience even more for the traveller, at the same time bringing to life new offerings that we will launch next autumn.”

Mr Seina said that he knew people would come back to travel but in a “different way” and that people are now starting to search for travel again but with other services.

He explained that travel will change with larger queues in the airport which will “impact people’s decision to travel or not”.

And so Radical Storage’s core business is remaining the same but they’re looking to “do more” for travellers by introducing new products.

When asked when he thought travel would return to normal, Mr Seina said that he thought it may not be for a while.

“The new normal will not be earlier than next year. Maybe March of next year.

He added: “We’re waiting for autumn because we’ll see whether countries will be put in lockdown again or whether it’s over.

“But I don’t think earlier than March next year.”

Mr Seina explained that the the rebrand and the launch of the new site along with looking at new products will make Radical the point of reference for those who arrive and depart from a city.

“We will welcome travellers again, same bag new soul,” he added.

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