Holidays: Eurotunnel customers returning to UK can avoid quarantine by transiting France

The UK government decided to remove France from its “air bridge” list last month due to the country’s rising coronavirus case rate. The move caught out thousands of British holidaymakers who then had to make alternative arrangements in order to get home before the quarantine measures were put in place. As well as France, the Netherlands and Malta were also removed from the coveted “air bridge” list on August 15.

Aruba, Monaco and Turks and Caicos Islands were also removed due to high coronavirus case rates.

Anyone returning from these countries to the UK will be required to self-isolate for 14 days.

But for those on holiday in other European countries not on the quarantine list such as Italy, Switzerland and Germany, you can return to the UK via France.

However, you must make sure you do not leave your car while you are travelling through France.

Unlike other forms of transport, the Eurotunnel does not require travellers to leave their own cars.

This means that tourists, who are staying within their own vehicles and not mixing with other people, can safely travel to the UK through France without facing the UK’s strict quarantine rules.

Eurotunnel customers can claim the exemption if they follow the transit rules while passing through France and any other nation not on the “air bridge” list, such as Belgium or Luxembourg.

Eurotunnel said: “As long as passengers coming from countries still on the Travel Corridors list transit France without leaving their car or mixing with other people on their journey they are not subject to quarantine measures on arrival in the UK.”

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Travellers are being urged to make sure they complete a form before they travel and arrive in the UK.

The Eurotunnel website explains further: “Please make sure you are aware of the latest public health and quarantine measures in place in the United Kingdom at present.

“Everyone entering the UK must complete a form BEFORE they travel whether they are required to quarantine or not.

“Quarantine rules vary depending on which countries you have travelled to or through before arriving into the UK.

“You are not allowed to cross unless you have completed the online form.

“It is important that you have the registration number provided after completion of the form with you when you arrive at our terminal in France.

“Our understanding of the UK Government’s position is that if you drive through a country that is not on the list for quarantine exemption on your way to the UK, without getting out of your car, or allowing anyone to enter your car, then there is no additional need to self-isolate on your entry to the UK.

“You must check the status of all the countries you have visited, in which you have got out of your car.”

Many keen holidaymakers have taken to Twitter to express their disappointment at having to cancel their holidays to France because of the UK’s new quarantine restrictions.

One user said: “Have decided to cancel our holiday to France which was disappointing but a staycation in Jersey isn’t too shoddy!”

Another said: “Gutted to have to cancel our holiday to France because of quarantine restrictions.”

Another tweeted: “I had to cancel my France sailing and insurance and find a holiday in the UK yesterday and it took sometime!”

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