Holidays: Never make these three mistakes when booking a holiday says expert

Holidays may not be an option right now due to the coronavirus crisis but they will return eventually. When they do, Britons need to be careful they’re not falling for any common holiday traps. There are three mistakes some people make which you should be sure to avoid.


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Cecilia Borjeson, in-house expert at leading travel search platform HolidayPirates has shared her advice on how to steer clear of these errors.

Her first point of caution concerns paying for airline tickets.

“The main holiday trap to look out for when planning a trip is ‘drip pricing,’” Borjeson told

“This is where airlines will lure consumers to their websites with low prices, only to add on fees, surcharges and other unnecessary items during the checkout process.”

Borjeson cautioned that you need to be particularly careful when dealing with non-UK carriers.

“Always be vigilant about what you are signing up for, especially through budget or foreign airlines which may not be regulated in the same way as trusted carriers, and make sure there aren’t unwanted extras you need to ‘opt out’ of,” she said.

“On top of this, make sure you shop around for better deals on things like visas and travel insurance if your airline is offering them alongside your flights.

“Airlines can sometimes link to more expensive providers.”

Secondly, holidaymakers need to be careful when it comes to luggage.

“Another holiday trap is baggage conditions,” explained Borjeson.

“Currently, baggage conditions of airlines are a complicated matter for many customers.

“Many travellers expect their luggage to be included in the price, at least for a long-haul flight, but this is often no longer the case.


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“Before booking your flight, make sure that you’re clear on what’s included in the price and, if not included, how much a bag will cost to check.

“Even then, those luggage conditions can change.”

Thirdly, jet-setters need to take care when it comes to buying holiday money.

It’s important to plan ahead for this and monitor the exchange rate.

“Finally, one thing to avoid before going on holiday is leaving any cash exchanges until the last minute,” cautioned Borjeson.

“It’s well known that exchange rates at airports aren’t as lucrative as the ones that can be found at external providers, or through the Post Office.

“To avoid losing precious holiday money before you’ve reached your destination, make sure you look around for the best exchange rates and utilise them before you head to the airport to fly.”

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