Holidays: Never make this surprising mistake when booking flights and hotels

Holidays are generally a highlight of the year for many Britons. However, they can often end up being quite expensive once everything is factored in. One way to make sure you don’t end up spending more than you bargained for is by being savvy with when you book.


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Travel expert Devon Nagle, from online travel agency Priceline, has revealed one big mistake holidaymakers should avoid making.

He revealed that travellers should be wary about booking flights and hotels at the same time.

This is because they are unlikely to both be at their cheapest rates at the same time.

Flight and hotel prices vary depending on how close the travel dates are – but they don’t behave the same.

Nagle explained that hotels are likely to become cheaper closer to the holiday date while flights get pricier.

“Flights will grow more expensive the closer you get to a particular holiday, but hotel prices are likely to remain flat or even decline,” said Nagle.

“Priceline looked at all major holidays for 2020 and found that this pattern repeats for each of them.

“Within two weeks of a holiday, flight prices begin to rise, and you might end up paying £100 extra, or more, for a seat if you book within two weeks of departure.

“This is basic supply and demand; as flights fill up, the remaining seats are priced higher.

“Hotels, on the other hand, will grow more competitive for your business, and that competition tends to result in better rates.

“The closer you wait to the day of check-in, the likelier the prices are to fall.

“This is true because there are infinitely more hotels than there are flights, and hotels compete every day and all day for business.


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“Many hotels will actually lower their rates late in the day to try to secure last-minute check-ins.

“On the Priceline app we call these Late Night Rates, and flag them beginning at 9pm each night.

“Book flights earlier and hotels later, in a nutshell.”

Nagle had a second tip for getting cheaper flights – although not everyone may fancy doing it.

He explained that travelling on the date of key holidays could prove cheaper.

“When it comes to flights, you’re likely to pay the least to fly on the holiday itself,” Nagle said.

“Flying on Christmas itself can be hundreds of dollars less expensive than flying the day or two prior.

“This is not always possible or preferable, obviously, but real savings exist.”

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