Holidays: Where can you travel to? Full list of countries open after UK flights banned

Spain announce travel ban for UK flights amid coronavirus strain

Holidays are a messy business at the moment after a plethora of nations across the globe moved to block UK flights over a new strain of coronavirus identified in the UK. The news has therefore further shrunk the number of destinations Britons can travel to. What’s more, with tightening domestic measures, those in Tier Four are not allowed to travel at all while those in Tier Three are restricted to local travel only.

The travel corridor list already serves to restrict travel as, if you travel to any country absent from the list, you have to quarantine for 10 days.

So where is actually left? has rounded up the countries that are still open to Britons and on the travel corridor list and looked into the latest travel advice.

It’s worth noting, though, that while some are technically open to UK tourists, a number of restrictions are still in place that could make travel very hard indeed.

Countries you can travel to now

Antigua and Barbuda

Coronavirus test required.

Quarantine rules are in place, but the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO) explains: “In practice, tourists arriving from outside the region’s “travel bubble” (see below) with pre-booked hotel accommodation from the Government of Antigua and Barbuda’s Approved List will normally be permitted to travel to their accommodation after screening and be allowed to move around the country providing they adhere to local social distancing measures


Coronavirus test required.

You must get approval to travel to Aruba through the Embarkation/Disembarkation card online before arrival.


Coronavirus test required.

The FCDO said: “On arrival, you will be required to quarantine at government-approved facilities (a designated holding hotel or approved villa at your own expense, or a government facility free of charge), and undertake a further test four to five days after the first accepted negative test. If this second test is negative you will no longer be subject to quarantine.”


Coronavirus test required.

Visitors from the UK will need to apply for Travel Authorisation


Coronavirus test required.

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British Virgin Islands

Coronavirus test required (followed by further test four days later).

All travellers will need approval prior to entry. This can be obtained through the online BVI Portal.

All arriving passengers will be issued with and required to wear a tracking bracelet for at least eight days and a charge of $175 per person will be collected from all passengers to cover the cost of in-Territory testing and the BVI Portal app.


Coronavirus test required.

Covid tests will also be carried out upon arrival, with foreign passengers required to deposit US$2000 for the COVID-19 service charges at the airport upon their arrival. Once deductions for services have been made, the remainder of the deposit will be returned. This can be paid either by cash or credit card.

Visitors will need to get a visa before arrival, a medical certificate proving you don’t have COVID-19 and have proof of insurance that includes a minimum of US$50,000 for medical cover.

Channel islands


Coronavirus test required.


Coronavirus test required (and again on arrival).

Falkland Islands

Quarantine for 14 days required.


Greek islands: Corfu, Crete, Kos, Rhodes, Zakynthos

Coronavirus test required.


Coronavirus test required on arrival and a second five or six days later – with 14-day quarantine as an alternative.

Certificates of previous covid infection are accepted which will serve to exempt travellers from above.


Coronavirus test required.


Coronavirus test required (and a second upon arrival with a 24-hour quarantine).

Land borders closed.


Coronavirus test required (with a second six days)

Travellers must not leave their hotel for the six days before the second test.

South Korea

Coronavirus test required.

Fourteen-day quarantine required.

St Barthélemy

Coronavirus test required.

St Kitts and Nevis

Coronavirus test required (and again on day seven and 14).

Restrictions on movement in place for the first 14 days of travel.

St Lucia

Coronavirus test required.

All international visitors must stay at a COVID-certified property for the duration of their stay.

St Pierre & Miquelon

Coronavirus test required.


Fourteen-day quarantine required.

Turks and Caicos Islands

Coronavirus test required.

Pre-travel authorisation via the Turks and Caicos Islands Assured Portal required.

United Arab Emirates

Coronavirus test required.

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