‘I didn’t wake my wife up before early flight – I don’t see why she got angry’

A husband who recently went on holiday with his wife has asked for opinions on whether he is an "a**hole". He shared online that he didn’t wake his wife up when he woke the morning of their flight – and she was furious.

The pair had an early morning plane to catch but had different plans for when to wake up. They were due for take-off at 5.30am and had to drive for two hours to reach the airport so while he decided to wake up at 1.30am his wife wanted to be up at 11pm.

This was apparently so they could both shower, get ready and so his partner could do her hair. Unfortunately, that’s not what happened and an argument exploded in the car ride to the airport.

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Posting on Reddit, he said: "Wife (40f) and I (35m) just started our vacation. She has been planning the trip since April, booking reservations and excursions. She started packing her suit case 2 weeks ago.

"I, on the other hand, like to be prepared but never start preparing early. Our flight was at 5:30am, and the airport was two hours away. So we planned on leaving 1:30am. I laid down at 10pm after packing and told my wife I would get up at 1am to shower and load the car."

He continued: "She told me she was getting up at 11pm. Well by 1am when I got up she was back in bed. I got out of the shower, got dressed and woke her up. I guess she forgot to set her alarm and never got up to shower. Where I assumed she already did and laid back down."

Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case. He continued: "She was p***ed that I didn't wake her up as soon as I got up and realised she was still in bed. She had to rush a shower and didn't get to do her hair. On the drive to the airport we argued back and forth. We agreed to disagree and see what Reddit thinks."

The events sparked a fierce debate in the comments. Some understood why she was annoyed as he didn’t give her time to get ready.

"It would have been nice to check with her that she meant to be sleeping," said one person. While another added: “You should've woke her or given her a chance to get up. It was a poor judgement call on your part. She was obviously prepared, being that she was packed and ready two weeks ago."

Another agreed: "How well do you know your wife? If before every trip she is up early getting ready / doing last minute packing having a shower etc then you should have know she should be up by now and woken her up (also she gave you a time).

"If she normally gets up after you and skips the hair wash and takes 15min to get ready then her still being asleep with 30min to go should have been fine. Not waking your wife up with only 30min to go before leaving for a flight sounds like a f**k up to me."

However others thought that it was her responsibility to set and alarm and ensure she could wake up earlier.

One commenter said: "You did wake her up. I’m sure the time it takes to shower and get dressed wouldn’t have made that big of a difference for her. If your wife was serious about having enough time to do her hair and stuff she should have set several alarms before going back to bed."

The poster replied: "That's the thing she forgot to set one entirely. She woke up in a sheer panic. But with her hair pulled up, we made it with great timing!"

Another commenter said: "She's a grown woman, she can set her own alarm. Would've been different if she specifically asked him to wake her beforehand and he agreed."

While a third added: "It was an honest misunderstanding, I'm guessing you guys bothered to argue about it because you're both tired from not getting a real night's sleep."

Others thought that the poster should just forget the argument. One said: "You got her up in time to leave, that’s the important thing. Time to loosen up and enjoy your vacation, flying can be stressful enough without adding things on."

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