‘I’m learning all kinds of things’ Jane McDonald shares valuable cruising tip with viewers

Jane McDonald left shocked as she tries on a midge hat

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Tonight’s cruise had a special significance for former cruise singer Jane, as she has Scottish roots. She set off to explore the Inner Hebrides on one of the smallest boats she’d ever been on and shared some important cruising advice.

Despite having Scottish ancestry, Jane had not previously spent much time in Scotland and called the cruise a “personal voyage”.

She said: “With a name like McDonald, you’d think I’d know my neeps from my tatties, but this is the first chance I’ve had to get to know my homeland.”

Although Jane is no stranger to exotic cruises, even she was taken aback when she saw tonight’s vessel.

Jane set sail on a former herring trawler, which has been redesigned as a lovely boutique hotel. The ship slept 11 passengers plus crew.

Known for gorgeous scenery, historical tales and the location for children’s show Balamory, the Scottish Inner Hebrides are a fantastic area to cruise.

But despite the beautiful landscape and views, Jane was surprised to find out one of the dangers for Scottish tourists.

Stepping ashore at the beautiful village Tobermory, Jane advised viewers how important it is to visit local shops to learn about an area.

However, every tourist travelling on a Scottish cruise needs to be prepared for midge season. The tiny insects are known to bite.

“I come up in big itchy lumps, I have to get antihistamines if I get bitten by a midgie,” warned the shopkeeper.

“This is why you need to shop,” said Jane. “I’m learning all about all kinds of things.”

The midge problem is so serious, weather forecasts in the Inner Hebrides even include warnings about the insects.

Jane was shocked to discover a midge net hat that “goes over your head.” She tried on one of the devices.

“They’re quite comfortable and very effective, midges can’t get at you,” advised the shopkeeper.

Jane was horrified at her appearance in the hat and said: “You’re joking me! Is somebody winding me up?”

Despite her reservations, Jane purchased the midge net to protect herself from the pests for the rest of her Scottish cruise.

Jane’s shopping trip also rewarded her with an avocado peeler, an item she’d been searching for years.

Jane McDonald also warned viewers on their other clothing choices for cruises. She said: “Make sure you bring the right clothes.”

Unused to hiking, Jane McDonald struggled a little in her walking boots as she said she was more used to high heels.

On one of her many stops, Jane took part in a Scottish ceilidh, a form of traditional Scottish dance.

She even learned how to make a haggis and brought it abroad to share with her fellow passengers.

After enjoying the haggis, Jane relaxed with a whisky on deck and said: “Life don’t get any better than this, does it? This is what it’s all about.”

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