Influencers anger locals in Sydney suburb over Jacaranda tree photos

Every year as Sydney hurtles towards summer and the sweet scent of Jasmine fills the city, one suburban street turns into an Instagrammer’s heaven and they are on a mission to get the perfect social media snap.

Jacaranda season is in full swing, making it the perfect spot for tourists and Instagrammers to get the perfect shot.Source:Supplied

Lined with blooming Jacaranda trees, McDougall Street in Kirribilli on the city’s North Shore turns into the famous ‘Purple Tunnel’ each spring, creating a picturesque spot just moments from Sydney Harbour.

McDougall Street in Kirribilli is an Influencer’s dream.Source:Instagram

Each October-November, the purple flowers come out in bloom.Source:Instagram

But despite the beauty, residents in the street are less impressed as they face a month of crowds as tourists and Instagrammers fill the streets in an attempt to get the perfect social media snap.

Crowds fill the streets and footpaths along McDougall Street.Source:Supplied

Jacaranda season is in full swing, even for bridal photos.Source:Supplied

From wedding photos, to posing solo – locals say the popularity of the street during Jacaranda blooming season means they face difficult trying to access their properties, with photographers blocking traffic especially on weekends.

Despite no inbound tourists coming from overseas this year there are still plenty of people coming to the leafy suburb to pose in the middle of the street, with photographers on their knees or stomach to get the best angle.

Crowds attempting to get the perfect shot of the Jacarandas in bloom and the locals aren’t happy. Picture: NCA NewsWire / Gaye GerardSource:News Corp Australia

A local Facebook group said the number of visitors on Sunday, when Sydney experienced a perfect spring day, turned the street into a nightmare.

“I live in McDougall Street and it was awful with big crowds all weekend, rubbish littered everywhere, horns beeping, frustration, no additional rubbish bins and general unsafe behaviour from visitors and motorists,” one woman posted on Kirribilli Good Karma Group[‘s Facebook page.

“Parking has also been an absolute nightmare!” another added.

It’s not just the blooming Jacaranda’s that have drawn a crowd this spring.

Country towns renowned for growing canola have also been bombarded with tourists hoping to get a social media snap while basking in the rolling golden fields where the flowers grow.

Tourists have been jumping in their cars and flocking to places like Cowra in the NSW Central West, and Berrima in the Southern Highlands, to get their next display picture.

But farmers of the golden crops have begged visitors to take pictures from afar – because their crops are being destroyed by tourists climbing fences and trampling the flowers.

Local resident Douglas Houston told the Canberra Times that some groups travelled for at least four hours from Sydney to take photos of his crops before turning around and making the trip home again.

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