Inside ‘hotel from hell’ as guests slam ‘drunks, bed bugs and smashed windows’

A notorious British hotel has been sold after racking up dozens of negative reviews on TripAdvisor.

The 16-bedroom Sneyd Arms, in Stoke-on-Trent, was branded “terrible” by 43 guests who stayed there.

While some described it as “smelly and grubby”, others called it a “health hazard” with “bed bugs”, “sticky carpets” and "smashed windows".

While it also garnered six “poor” ratings, six “average” scores, 11 reviewers described their stays as “excellent” and eight rated it “very good”.

The building sold at auction this month after the asking price was slashed from £395,000 to £285,000 before a deal was reached.

And as the venue has shut and moved to new owners, Stoke-on-Trent Live has rounded up some of the most shocking reviews of the “hotel from hell”.

Drunk and disorderly

This place is a health hazard!

It is filthy with broken equipment and windows and it absolutely stinks. The room was freezing as the windows wouldn't shut – not that I would shut them anyway due to the horrendous stench.

I laid listening to traffic and doors banging most if the night.

The furniture was grubby and looked like it may drop to bits if I touched it so I didn't bother.

I managed a few hours sleep – fully clothed, with my shoes on!

I had a walk out for food and fresh air, and had to fight my way through all of the weed-smoking, toothless drunks who were blocking the entrance.

The area is clearly poverty stricken and in need of some TLC and the hotel itself needs condemning! The only positives were the helpful guy on reception and the bedding appeared to be freshly changed.

For the price I expected a very basic, budget room but I also expected it to be safe and clean at the very least!

Letting the bed bugs bite

Hotel is vile, I’m pretty sure myself and partner got bed bugs from here, bites all over, and scratching for days, can’t even begin to speak about the mattress condition!

Outside the window was dirty nappies and rubbish everywhere, reception staff didn’t speak, or be at the desk.


Booked this hotel with my brother and his wife as we were visiting Alton Towers and this says its 14.3 miles away but in fact it about 22 miles away.

Place was full of drugs and drunk people. The hotel is very run down with a strong smell of drugs, sticky carpets, smashed window, sick on carpets in bedrooms, toothpaste still on sink.

I've seen better public toilets.

We could not stay the night as it was that dirty.

You can see from the photos the place is a not a nice place to stay so I'm not going to waste anymore of my time on the s***hole.

Cheap thrills

Scariest thing about our Trip to Alton Towers

When in my room I heard from the other two in our party that there was a commotion outside our door.

A women was apparently in her shower when a man came in and stole her phone.

Someone was covered in blood and standing outside the door.

We didn't know if this was related but understandably we didn't feel safe.

We all slept without the duvet covers as there was a big brown stain. Despite this we had a few hours sleep.

Kicking up a stink

Before I slate this hotel I have to say that the manager was really helpful, we had to check in late due to chaotic traffic problems he didn’t mind that we were a little late and he let us buy a drink to take up to the room even though the bar had closed.

However the hotel itself is chaotic and filthy!

The triple room absolutely stank, even spraying aftershave around and having the window wide open all night didn’t help.

The carpet is sticky the wardrobe is falling apart, some of the lights don’t work and the place is full of noises from what appear to be junkies or drunks, walking around the hotel all night banging on each other’s doors and shouting at each other.

I didn’t sleep a wink all night.

The double rooms had shared toilets and showers, suffice to say everyone else chose life over trying to have a shower in the morning.

You certainly get what you pay for in this hotel.

Time will tell

Left within half an hour.

My sister's room has fake nails and cigarette butts in the bedside drawer, other sister's door frame was hanging off, finger nail in the bed, hair ball under the bed, stained carpets, stained walls, the list goes on! We were genuinely scared and left less than an hour after we checked in.

Very dodgy men wondering round with no teeth, black eyes and drunk…


But there were a handful who enjoyed their stay…

Hidden gem

Great rooms, friendly locals, food was excellent, beer is cheap, no trouble at all. Situated in a beautiful historic town square with amazing history and buildings including a mesmerising clock tower.

Shops/eateries and friendly pubs all within walking distance I'll definitely be returning to this gem. Oh, and the prices are very cheap.

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