Italy travel advice: Can I travel to Italy? Is Italy on UK quarantine list?

The British Government has made it clear that foreign travel advice can change at any moment despite a number of countries being put on the air bridge’ list. The air bridges list details countries in which Brits do not have to isolate for a 14-day period when they come back home. Spain became one of the first countries to be removed from the quarantine-free travel list following a spike in coronavirus cases. As a result of the ever-changing Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) advice, holidaymakers have been left feeling uncertain about travelling amid quarantine uncertainty when they return to the UK.

Can I travel to Italy?

As it stands, yes. Tourists are able to go to Italy as the country has been exempt from FCO advice against all non-essential international travel since July 4.

Travel to Italy is, however, subject to some entry requirements.

The Government website states: “Entry to Italy from the UK is permitted. You no longer have to justify your reason for travelling.

“You should download and complete a self-declaration form before you travel to Italy. You must provide this to your airline/transport provider, or to the border police if you are stopped for checks.

“Entry to the country is still forbidden for visitors who have stayed in or transited through a small number of listed countries before arrival.”

Entry into Italy is still banned if you live in or have been to any of these countries in the last 14 days:

Bosnia and Herzegovina
North Macedonia
Dominican Republic

Is Italy on the UK quarantine list?

Italy is currently exempt from the UK’s list of quarantine countries – but that is subject to change at any time.

Although not on the list, Italy has implemented a number of new safety measures amid fears of a second wave.

There have been just over 250,000 coronavirus cases and about 35,000 deaths in the Mediterranean country since the pandemic first started.

Italy was the first European country to be significantly hit by the coronavirus pandemic, but the situation has since stabilised.

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The past few weeks have seen case numbers slowly rising, however, as lockdown restrictions are eased and life begins to return to normal in Italy.

Wearing a face covering or mask in public places became mandatory where social distancing is not possible through the hours of 6pm to 6am.

Nightclubs and dance halls have been ordered to close due to a spike in infections, as well as outdoor venues where people tend to gather, such as beaches and common areas in hotels.

Italy’s Government said financial support will be provided to all venues that are forced to close.

The decisions were made as 479 new infections and four deaths from coronavirus were reported nationwide.

Several of the new cases emerging over the past few weeks have been directly linked to the reopening of nightclubs, according to reports.

Ministers also said the increase in cases across Europe had partly influenced their decision to impose new restrictions.

As of Sunday, August 16, travellers arriving at Rome’s Fiumcino Airport from Croatia, Greece, Malta and Spain will be tested for coronavirus, as many of the confirmed cases are believed to have been brought in from abroad.

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