‘Life changing’: Flight attendant shares hard-to-spot sign to help passengers with luggage

Holiday packing tips for best utilising luggage space

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Kat Kamalani is a former flight attendant who worked as cabin crew for six years. As such, she is well-placed to dispense useful travel advice. She has detailed three clever tricks to help travellers handle their luggage more easily on flights, however, one caused some discussion.

She previously told travellers what to “never, ever consume” on a plane. /travel/articles/1639961/flight-attendant-tips-hacks-travel-food-drinks-plane-avoid-water-ifl

The video has had a whopping 384,000 views since it was posted. In it, Kat told her followers: “I have three tips that are going to help you with your anxiety when it comes to luggage, and they are going to be life-changing for you.”

The expert, who previously told travellers what to “never, ever consume” on a plane, went on to list three helpful tips she learned during her time as a flight attendant.

Luggage tips from a flight attendant

Don’t carry too much

Kat said: “The first rule of thumb, I always say, is if you can’t lift it, don’t bring it. Try at home first to see if you can even lift it above your head. If you can’t, take some stuff out.

Look at the placard on the areoplane

“Number two,” Kat went on, “most airlines have these little placard cards that are going to show you how to store your luggage.

“So it’s either going to go horizontal or vertical, if you just take a look that saves so much time and is so much easier.”

The placards can sometimes be found in the overhead locker with a diagram demonstrating how to place the luggage.

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Ask for assistance

Kat explained: “OK, crazy fact; everyone thinks it’s a flight attendant’s job to help you put your luggage in the overhead locker, but it’s not.

“Actually, a tonne of airlines tell (flight attendants) do not do this because there are so many injuries with it and if you get injured it’s not even covered (by insurance).”

But, Kat claimed, that while it’s not a flight attendant’s job to live your luggage, they will assist you if you ask.

She added: “So, ask the flight attendant to assist you and they will totally help you put it up there.”

It was the last piece of advice that caused debate in Kat’s comments.

One commenter, Carter Mangaue, said: “Your flight attendant will not assist you. This is against many policies now. If they touch it, they tag it. Ask another passenger, not your crew.”

Another, Michelle Marie, said: “I’m a flight attendant and no, not all of us will help assist because that’s still lifting/holding half of the bag that could injure your back.”

One, with the username TheFlyGamer, responded: “I agree. We will assist!! But we WILL NOT put it up WITHOUT your help. If you aren’t doing most of the work we will check the bag.”

One commenter, who went by CR, said: “I’m a flight attendant and our instructors taught us the ‘2 finger touch’ when asked to assist.”

Passenger Meghan Kelly said: “The worst feeling is trying to get it up there, asking a flight attendant for help and having them say no.”

Many complained that they need assistance because of the height of the overhead bins.

Madeline said: “As someone who is 5ft, it’s more of a height issue than a weight one. Especially with the new planes and updated bins!”

Another said: “I’m 4’10 there’s no chance of me ever getting my bag into the overheads.”

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