Man refuses to give up extra legroom seat for elderly couple on 12-hour-flight

The man wrote on Reddit that he was on a 12 hour flight from New Zealand to LA and had paid for extra legroom as he’s 6 ‘3.

He boarded the plane and was surprised to see an older couple sitting in the seats he had booked.

The man said: “I asked them if they got confused with their seat numbers. They hadn’t. I show them my ticket and seat number and point to my name on the screen.

“They then asked me to just sit in their seats which were 10 rows back. No leg room.”

The man said he offered to help the elderly couple move their things to their own seats but the couple refused to move.

Eventually, a flight attendant came because the line had built up on the plane due to the altercation.

The flight attendant told the elderly couple to move and the passenger claimed the elderly man then asked for an upgrade before having to move.

The passenger added: “I got some stink eyes from other people on the flight. I paid for the extra legroom and I need it.”

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Defending the man’s decision, a person replied: “It’s not being selfish to keep what you have.”

Another commenter said: “You’re definitely not the a**hole, those people are. Their entitlement and lack of self-reflection is truly astounding in the worst ways.”

Another Reddit user ‘classyfranklin’ said: “If you are picky about where you want to sit on a plane, you need to book your plane and not rely on the guilt of other passengers.”

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Plane seating wars have caught attention all over the world recently with passengers even getting in fights over the issue.

Many issues are caused when a person has paid extra for an extra legroom seat or seat at the front of the plane.

In some cases, a flight attendant may ask a passenger to move if there’s a reason another traveller needs the seat.

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