Martin Lewis: Should you cancel your holiday? Money Saving Expert shares latest advice

Martin Lewis appeared on ITV’s Good Morning Britain today to share his latest travel advice to Britons with holidays booked amid the coronavirus pandemic. With multiple countries entering lockdown and airlines cancelling thousands of flight, the travel industry is experiencing a very tough time. Many travellers are concerned about their holidays.


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Should you be cancelling your holiday if it isn’t yet axed?

Martin explained that how you proceed depends on your cancellation rights.

He told GMB viewers: “Everybody now, if you’ve got travel booked find out what your cancellation rights are.”

You need to check whether you’ll be able to cancel the trip for free.

“When’s the last time if you’ve got free cancellation you can cancel? Put it in your diary in a big red mark so that you know whether you’re going to be able to call up,” explained Martin.

“If you can cancel for free and it looks like you won’t be able to travel, on the last day cancel for free.”

Unfortunately, things are little less certain if your cancellation policy means you can’t cancel for free.

Martin explained that in this instance you will have to wait and see what the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) says regarding your destination.

“If you can’t cancel for free and you will lose all your money, don’t cancel,” clarified Martin.

“Then leave it and if you can’t go hope that by that time the Foreign Office has said you can’t go so your travel insurance will be impacted.”

Martin’s advice came before the UK Prime Minister issued an urgent warning to British travellers.

Boris Johnson urged Britons to “stop all unnecessary travel” in an address today.


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The FCO has said its travel advice is constantly under review so that it reflects its latest assessment of risks to British people.

In response to coronavirus measures, the FCO is advising against all and all but essential travel to some countries, cities and regions.

The FCO warns travellers to check the travel advice to the country you are travelling to before setting off.

The FCO does not have a simple definition as to what is considered to be essential and non-essential travel.

Instead, it is up to the individual to determine in their own mind whether their journey is required.

In all circumstances where there is active travel advice warning against travel to a country, it is crucial for holidaymakers to call the insurer and get something in writing which will specify what cover will be extended to you during your trip and any exclusions.

This may be subject to change during your time away, so it is best to have followed any and all official advice and keep your insurer informed.

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