Moose in Fort Lewis, Durango relocated to forest habitat

Another moose with an interest in exploring urban areas has been tranquilized and relocated by Colorado Parks and Wildlife.

CPW officials removed the meandering moose last week from a hillside near Fort Lewis College after it spent three days in and around the town of Durango. It was released in an area of the San Juan National Forest where there is a thriving moose population, according to a CPW news release.

In July, a moose was removed from Vail after it spent more than a week frequenting the Lionshead parking garage. That one enjoyed licking the walls of the building, CPW said, apparently attracted by the tasty residue of de-icing agents used there.

Last September, a moose that developed an apparent fondness for the Colorado Springs area was relocated in the high country, only to turn up in Manitou Springs a week later following a return hike of 30 miles.

The Durango moose was first reported hanging out along Junction Creek west of town. The next day it visited the town’s Crestview neighborhood, and the day after that it explored a downtown neighborhood known as The Grid before setting out in the direction of the college.

“Young bulls are known to wander off from their more normal habitats this time of year in search of mates and their own territory,” CPW assistant area wildlife manager Steve McClung said in the release. “They can cover a lot of ground pretty quickly. Usually if they come to town, they will move along and work their way safely out of town. This one being in the middle of town with no clear path to move out on its own, and the risk of aggressive behavior toward pedestrians, especially those with dogs, it needed to be safely relocated.”

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