Mum ‘told she was put on no-fly list’ for disposing of dirty nappy on plane

A mum claims she was told she was being placed on the no-fly list by a flight attendant after she tried to dispose of her daughter's dirty nappy in an aeroplane bathroom bin.

Farah Naz Khan, 34, told NBC News that she was travelling with Mesa Airlines on a flight from Montana to Houston on Friday at the time, alongside her husband and two-year-old daughter.

The parent said that during the flight, she went to change her daughter in the onboard facility at the back of the plane, which she has done many times before.

While doing this, she disposed of the nappy in the bin provided.

It wasn't the first time she's done this, so she believes that she did everything the correct way.

However, it seems a flight attendance didn't agree.

She said: "When I walked back to the front holding my diaper wipes container and, like, the pad that we used to change my daughter's diaper on, the flight attendant accosted me and said: 'Did you just dispose of a diaper back there? That's a biohazard.'"

Khan, from Seattle, said she tried to explain, but the flight attendant yelled at her, and – she claims – asked her to fetch the nappy from the bathroom bin, which she admitted made her feel "humiliated" and "belittled".

When the plane landed, Khan filed a customer service incident with the airline.

She then received a phone call not long after touching down in Houston.

Khan says the call was from an unrecognised number which, she claims, was the flight attendant.

She added: "I recognised the voice. He said, 'Due to a biohazard incident on the plane today, we've placed you on the no-fly list.'

"This made me very angry, because I suffered the humiliating experience… They are placing me on a no-fly list?

"I also didn't dispose of the diaper on the plane, even if it was considered a biohazard. I walked it off the plane and threw it away myself outside the flight."

Khan said she doesn't believe that she was actually placed onto any list, particularly because she flew back a few days later.

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However she said: "I'm legitimately worried about this person,

"Over a diaper if he's able to call me and say those things, what else could he be capable of?"

According to United Airlines, Mesa Airlines contracts with the larger aeroplane travel company for some of the flights across their regional network, and therefore they redirected any questions regarding the incident over to Mesa themselves, according to NBC.

In a statement to NBC, a Mesa Airlines spokesperson said: "The details as described by our customer do not meet the high standards that Mesa sets for our flight attendants and we are reviewing the matter."

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