nd luggage: Can you take a razor on a plane? Carry on rules for razors explained

Flights nearly always see holidaymakers take hand luggage onboard with them. For some people, this is the only item of baggage they take as they attempt to save both time and money. In these instances, it’s essential you make sure you only pack what is permitted in your bag.

There are countless rules for hand luggage concerning what you can and cannot bring.

While some are easy to remember, others continue to baffle travellers.

A razor is one item which people struggle to understand whether they can bring into the cabin on not.

The beauty item has a blade – so does that mean it is banned?

The government explains online that “fixed-cartridge razor blades (disposable razor)” are allowed in both hand luggage and hold luggage.

This type of razor is permitted as it is not considered dangerous.

This is because the blades are mounted in the head and they cannot be removed.

In further good news for those hoping to stay fuzz-free while away, electric razors or shavers are also allowed to be in with your hand luggage.

However, blades that can be removed are not allowed.

Razor blades are listed under “sharp and prohibited items” and are banned from hand luggage.

Gatwick Airport also explains the rule online, offering the advice: “Only razors where the blade is fully and permanently enclosed and razor cartridges are allowed in hand baggage.”

Other similar toiletry items that are allowed in hand luggage are tweezers and nail clippers.

Scissors pose a slightly bigger problem.

Small scissors (with blades no longer than 6cm) are permitted on board, as are round-ended or blunt scissors.

But large scissors (with blades longer than 6cm) won’t make it through security.

The government advises checking with your airline if you want to pack this in your hold luggage.

Knives (with a sharp or pointed blade and/or blade longer than 6cm) are also banned from hand luggage.

Again, you should check if you to put this in the hold.

Travellers should also note that corkscrews are prohibited from being carried in hand luggage – but in hold luggage is fine.

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