New Research Shows What Day One After Lockdown Could Look Like

A new survey from Mower provides insight on what day one after lockdowns are lifted might look like and what people will feel comfortable doing.

Research has consistently shown that people really want to get back to their daily routines, but it is unlikely that things will return to normal.

Mower’s research shows what the new normal might look like.

“When governments lift the COVID-19 restrictions our study suggests life is not going back to the way it used to be anytime soon,” said Erinn Newman, Mower’s senior vice president—insight. “Consumers are going to be cautious about what they do and businesses are going to need to adjust their standard practices to rebuild confidence. Brands need alignment between operations and marketing to create a comfort zone for consumers when they reopen.”

When lockdowns are lifted, the research shows that more than one-third of people will be comfortable going to work, grocery shopping, visiting family and friends and going to the doctor and the dentist.

Around 25 percent of people will be comfortable taking a vacation by car or going to the park or the beach as well as visiting a salon.

One in five adults, about 20 percent, will be okay with dining in a restaurant or going to a bar, visiting a shopping mall, going to a movie theater, visiting a museum or a music venue, staying in a privately owned vacation rental, going to the gym and traveling by plane.

Fewer than 15 percent are interested in going to a sporting event, casino, theme park or traveling internationally.

While the level of travel individuals feel comfortable with at reopening varies, there is excitement. Nearly 30 percent of people said they are excited to travel again, and 49 percent are looking forward to “the freedom to go anywhere.”

The perception of hygiene is going to be key in a successful reopening. Four in 10 people say that they would like to see better general hygiene and no more handshakes.

Also, some new habits may endure after lockdowns are lifted. One in four people say they will continue to support local restaurants with takeout and delivery, and one in five say they will continue to have virtual get-togethers with friends and family.

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