Northern Lights: How to watch the Northern Lights at home in isolation

Coronavirus has left many confined to their homes as the Government continues to impose its stringent lockdown rules. While many people are now deciding to tackle the pile of books next to their beds or movie bucket lists, others are trying to view the world from home. And now, one family has given everyone the opportunity to witness the stunning light show.


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A reindeer-herding family in Finnish Lapland is giving people the chance to watch the show with an aurora live stream every night from their cottage.

Owner and operator of Aurora Holidays Tiina Salonen runs the business with her partner Mika, a Sámi reindeer herder.

The company is based in Utsjoki, a small town in Lapland near the Norwegian-Finland border.

The family currently have no winter guests as the last of them was forced to reschedule until next season.

Their spring tour has also been cancelled which has left the company unsure of how long it will be until the next group of travellers are allowed to arrive in the small town.

The couple had also built a restaurant for their guests which is now unable to operate.

But the couple’s own business is not the only problem.

With the border between Finland and Norway closed, there is no one salmon fishing.

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If the borders remain closed than no fishing licenses can be sold either.

However, the couple have found a new way to connect guests with their scenic hotspot of a hotel.

They are connecting with guests around the world via their live stream of the Northern Lights.

Ms Salonen told the New Zealand Herald: “Some of them have said that they cannot travel, so this is a way to watch them almost like in person.


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“Some followers are our former customers who want to keep watching the place they have visited.

“We have got a nice group of people that regularly come to spend time in the chat.”

The live stream runs 24/7 so anyone can have a look what is going on in Utsjoki.

But watchers should be aware, the aurora is not always visible so it is advisable to connect at night when the lights are making quite the show.

Ms Salonen added: ”But if the activity gets very strong, unfortunately some of the lights move overhead or to the other side, so that we can not see them in the stream.

“But here the lights usually move a lot, so it often comes back again and moves around.

“So a good chair and patience is the key.”

Soon, the Northern Lights will not be visible as the northern hemisphere begins to warm up.

But instead of stopping the live stream, Ms Salonen hopes to keep the live stream going so people can experience the summer solstice where people can see the midnight sun.

She added: “Many people don’t even know about the midnight sun and I am sure it will be interesting for many.”

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