Passengers can get discounted sandwiches on final flight – but there’s a catch

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Airline food is known for being expensive and many passengers think it is overpriced for the meal they get. While food may be included in the price of a long haul flight, passengers usually have to pay for it on a shorter journey.

Many airlines have plans to be more sustainable to decrease their negative impact on the environment.

One airline has decided to become greener by addressing issues with food waste on its flights.

Swiss International Air Lines has announced it is trialling a discount sandwich process where passengers can pay a lower price for food on the final flight of the day.

Switzerland’s national airline is selling the food off cheap as it hopes to decrease food waste from unsold meals.

However, passengers buying the discount sandwiches will have to be ready to take a risk with their meal.

Under the new system, each passenger buying the discount meal will receive a mystery bag but have no idea of the contents.

Each bag will contain one, two or three fresh food items at a third of their normal price. A chicken roll costs CHF 10.50 (£8.30) before the discount.

The veggie brioche and gruyere and pear walnut bread are slightly cheaper at CHF 9.00 (£7.08) each.

It is unknown whether the airline’s famous Swiss chocolate tablets will ever be included in the mystery discount bags.

A blueberry muffin is priced at CHF 4.00 (£3.15) while other snacks including a salted caramel cookie are slightly cheaper.

Ryanair has previously adopted a similar scheme of discounting food on final flights but in that case passengers did know what they were buying.

Great Western Railway also offers a discount snack service as many transport carriers attempt to minimise wastage.

Many tourists are increasingly concerned with sustainability and expect airlines to minimise the environmental impact of flying.

Swiss Air said: “Swiss International Air Lines has long put a firm emphasis on environmental issues within its corporate culture, and takes sustainable actions at various levels to ensure the optimum use of resources in its business and operations.

“To the same ends, the company is seeking to reduce the volumes of fresh food items which remain unsold on its flights and must therefore be thrown away.”

The new approach has so far been introduced on a trial basis across the last flights of the day from Geneva in August and September.

Swiss International Air Lines said the new discount mystery food had been well received by passengers on the trial.

The airline has said it will extend the plan to other routes if its final analysis judges the discounts a success.

The scheme will only be available on the final flights of the day to prevent leftover food ending up in the bin.

Other airlines may follow Swiss International Air Lines’s plans if it is deemed a success with passengers and cuts down on wastage.

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