Passengers endure ‘nightmare’ flight as ‘demonic’ child screams for eight hours

A grumpy passenger decided to get video evidence of their "nightmare" flight as a "demonic" child screamed for eight hours. In the Clio, the youngster can be seen climbing on seats and shrieking.

The flight had not even taken off yet when the little one decided to make their frustration heard. However, even when the plane was in the air the little boy didn’t settle down, reports the Mirror.

Instead, he apparently ran around the aisle and galley for almost the entire journey from Germany to the USA. The video was uploaded onto YouTube by Shane Townley who captioned it "demonic child screams and runs through an 8 hour flight".

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He wrote: "Watch as this kid runs and screams throughout the entire flight while the mother does little to nothing to stop him. 3 years old on a 8 hour flight from Germany to Newark NJ. He never quits!"

In the video – a clip was shared with Inside Edition – the child can be seen climbing on top of the seats while his mother asks him to sit. The boy then starts his "demonic screams" as the video suggests, which takes over the plane. Filming the noise from several rows back the screaming can clearly be heard.

Before the flight has even taken off yet the child's mother desperately asks the flight attendant to "get the WiFi going so we can get the iPad going". She can be heard trying to calm her child down but he continues his screams, ignoring his mother's pleas – we bet she was stressed to the nines!

As the hours progressed, passengers could be seen shielding their ears from the noise as the child charged his way down the aisle screaming as he passed them. The video claims that they continued to do this for hours on end.

After leaving the plane to go into the airport another passenger can be heard saying: "What a nightmare, oh my god – eight hours of screaming!" as they wheel their suitcase down the ramp. Commenting on the clip one person said: "Sadly this is happening more and more on flights, unruly kids and babies and exhausted parents."

They continued: Even noise cancellation headphones would not have drowned out this terror. Total lack of discipline… perhaps crew should have removed said child and parents for violating safety regulations."

Another person wrote: "If this started before the plane took off, the plane should have taxied back to the terminal and kicked the kid and his parents off. This kind of behaviour is just unacceptable." And another suggested: "Call an exorcist."

It's not the first time a passenger has grown frustrating with loud children on flights. While it's usually caused by boredom, ear pain, discomfort or some other distress crying and screaming can become frustrating.

Just a few months ago, a man raged loudly, shouting at flight attendants because a baby on the plane had been crying for "45 minutes". The outraged bloke was screaming across the plane demanding that the child’s parents make the infant "shut up".

Flight attendants and workers can be seen trying to make the man calm down. One such worker explained how the man’s shouting and aggression wasn’t helping to keep the child calm.

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