Passengers should order popular drink to avoid ‘symptoms’ of flying

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An expert at Travel Lens revealed some beverages from the trolley are better than others and while it is common to experience some discomfort during the flight, there are some drinks passengers should consume to combat this, including fizzy water.

They explained: “For most travellers, there’s no better feeling than boarding a flight and enjoying takeoff, all whilst deciding what refreshments you’re going to order from the trolley, but there is a selection of drinks which can provide a number of benefits when you’re 35,000ft up in the air.

Sparkling water has enough carbonation to help settle the stomach which makes it one of the best options to have on the plane.

Unlike other fizzy drinks like ginger ale, there is no added sugar, making it an ever healthier option.

The expert at Travel Lens explained sparkling water is the best alternative for those who hate flying or experience some stomach discomfort in the air.

They said: “If you’re an anxious flyer and your stomach feels like it’s in knots due to nerves, then sparkling water is a great option to go for if the airline has it available.

“The carbonation associated with sparkling water helps to settle the stomach, which will hopefully leave you feeling more relaxed.”

In addition, the cabin air on the plane is dry and lacks moisture, which makes passengers feel more dehydrated, so it’s important to opt for still or sparkling water while flying to combat the negative effects of dehydration.

Sparkling water has the same health benefits as still water and is a much more popular option on flights.

Dr Robert Quigley explained “dehydration will make travellers more vulnerable to motion sickness, jet lag and headaches, which water can assist in treating before symptoms develop”.

The doctor advised travellers to drink about 250 millilitres, or over one cup of water, per hour when flying.

Flight attendant Dawn McGuckin-Fisher explained that still or sparkling water is also a better option “in case you spill your drink, as it’s not sticky and doesn’t stain”.

If passengers are not a fan of fizzy water, the flight attendant recommended “trying a splash of cranberry or orange juice in seltzer for extra flavour, or just add a slice of lemon or lime”.

The expert at Travel Lens recommended black tea for an early flight: “If you’re departing on an early morning flight and you’re still half asleep, then black tea will give you a small yet effective caffeine boost.

“This is compared to coffee which is much stronger and may increase the symptoms experienced by nervous flyers,” they explained.

Lastly, many holidaymakers like to enjoy an alcoholic beverage on their flight to “well and truly get into the holiday spirit”.

However, due to the altitude the plane is flying at and other various factors, the body can become dehydrated quickly, so it is always better to avoid this.

“With this in mind, if you’re opting for alcohol, it’s wise to wash it down with a soft drink such as water or juice,” the expert recommended.

Nutrition coach at OriGym Centre of Excellence, Alice Williams, explained tastebuds notably change when flying but there is one drink which tastes even better while in the air.

“During a flight, two main things happen to the air: the pressure increases and the humidity drops. This combination of low pressure and dryness is ultimately what makes your taste buds change.”

The expert suggested choosing drinks full of umami flavours, “since umami is not affected by flying”. Tomatoes are a particularly good source of umami flavour, “which is why many airlines offer tomato juice as the option of a complimentary drink on their flights,” Alice revealed.

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