People are urging Disney World to shut down all of its properties — not just its theme parks — amid coronavirus spread

Disney World in Orlando, Florida, is closed for the time being. 

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On Thursday, the theme park announced that it would shut down between Sunday and the end of the month as a precautionary measure to help stop the spread of coronavirus. However, this plan does not include all Disney properties – places such as hotels and the Disney Springs shopping center remain open at the time of writing.

Now, people are urging Disney to close all of its properties, not just its theme parks, to protect stranded guests and employees from infection.

People seem particularly concerned that the Disney Springs shopping center could be at risk of coronavirus contamination

On Twitter, many Disney fans and employees expressed concerns that stranded parkgoers would now flock to Disney Springs, an outdoor shopping and dining facility on Disney property.

According to their tweets, this could essentially stop stranded parkgoers from practicing social distancing, while also putting Disney employees at high risk of contracting the virus.

@WaltDisneyWorld I understand from a business aspect as to why certain locations such as DisneySprings will remain open. But due to the high volume of traffic W.O.D experiences daily, are you not afraid that an increase of traffic will put your cast members health at risk?

disney can’t close disney springs but they can close disney operated stores and restaurants. let your cast members go home and be with their families if they chose

Me: Can we PLEASE shut down Disney Springs too?!?!

Disney: Yes, we WILL release Frozen 2 on Disney+


It makes no sense to keep Disney Springs open..

What I’m confused about is that Disney is keeping Disney Springs, the hotels, and the restaurants all open. Does COVID-19 not spread in restaurants?

RIP to Disney springs and hotel cast members having to work while parks cast members get 2 weeks paid vacation

It’s currently unclear if Disney World has plans to close Disney Springs and other Florida properties in the coming days and weeks. Insider has reached out to representatives for the theme park and will update this story when we hear back.

Despite health concerns, Disney Springs seems to be busy as ever

According to people in Orlando, Florida, Disney Springs was bustling with shoppers as late as Friday night. One person shared a video of the crowds on Twitter, while others posted stories about restaurants filled to the brim with diners.

This is Disney Springs in Orlando fl tonight. I don’t think anyone is worried about the #covid19 here. #disney #orlando #coronavirus #orlandovaca @covid19

Man you should see Disney Springs. Just in case you don’t know, it’s the area outside the parks but on Disney property that is full of restaurants and shops. The place was packed tonight! I work in a restaurant there than had 600 people tonight. What are we doing!!!!!!!!!????

Except for everyone that came here to go to Disney will now be packed into Disney springs. So no, it will not be “easier to practice social distancing.” My girlfriend works at DS and she says it’s already a mad house. Not good.

Disney Springs is likely remaining open for travelers who can’t yet leave Disney property

Disney World’s closing announcement came as a surprise to many parkgoers. After all, the theme park has only shut down a few times in its 48-year history, and usually as a result of hurricanes, according to the Orlando Sentinel.

As a result, it’s likely that some travelers are stuck on Disney property, unable to complete their vacations or find a flight home.

I’d imagine the hotels remain open (as well as Disney Springs) to give people time to leave. Not everyone can be on flights the next day unexpectedly. They won’t accept any check ins then they disinfect each room after check out.

I imagine the hotels will close mid-next week.

Other theme parks are taking similar measures to protect travelers

In addition to its Florida theme parks, Disney has temporarily shut down its locations in California, France, and Asia. For the time being, Disney cruises are also being halted.

“In an abundance of caution and in the best interest of our guests and employees, we are proceeding with the closure of our theme parks at Disney World Resort in Florida and Disneyland Paris Resort, beginning at the close of business on Sunday, March 15, through the end of the month,” representatives for Disney World said in a statement.

As Insider’s Samantha Grindell reported, Universal Studios in Hollywood and Orlando have also closed amid coronavirus concerns. In a statement previously sent to Insider, representatives for the theme park said:

“The health and safety of our team members and guests is always our top priority. Out of an abundance of caution and in response to the guidance provided by the California Department of Public Health, Universal Studios Hollywood will temporarily close beginning Saturday, March 14. The theme park anticipates reopening on March 28 as we continue to monitor the situation.” 

Related video: Disney partially reopens Shanghai resort after virus shutdown (Provided by AFP)

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