People who ditched city life and pricey mortgages to live on converted buses

We’ve all had that moment in our lives where we’ve dreamed of packing up our worldly belongings and making a fresh start.

And these people did just that.

They took huge leaps of faith by swapping their homes for converted buses.

Not only can this save them a fortune on property prices, it also looks like loads of fun too.

The luxurious vehicles allow them to enjoy life on the road – and they can stop off wherever they fancy too.

According to the Mirror, these three brave couples all decided the nomadic lifestyle was for them.

Pimp your ride

Ailsa Gardner quit city life in Liverpool to convert a giant American school bus.

The 33-year-old embarked on the adventure with her boyfriend Paul, 37.

They converted the large vehicle and added a hot shower, washing machine, flatscreen TV, double bed, wood burners, fridge and stove.

The couple have spent a year living off-grid in leafy Cheshire with golden retrievers Berg and Mari.

They’ve even parked up next to their hot tub so they don’t need to miss out on luxuries.

The work took them 13 weeks and their monthly rent is now £400 – half of what they paid before.

PR manager Alisa, who is originally from Australia, said: “We haven’t done this because we have no other options, we’ve done it because it’s a better way of life.

“We’ve lived in penthouse apartments in Melbourne and city centre flats in Liverpool and are happiest living on the bus with our dogs…

“House prices are ridiculous so sometimes people have to do things like this to get themselves ahead, but it’s not a sacrifice.

"If I was to spend the rest of my days living like this then it wouldn’t be a bad existence.”

W heeler dealers

Charlie Lumbard, 25, has saved a fortune by living on land owned by her dad.

She resides on a double decker with her boyfriend Luke Blackmore, 27, an insurance claims handler.

They bought the former London bus for £2,500 and spent £15,000 and 12 months on renovations.

The pair got stuck into renovation work and added a full kitchen, log burner and free-standing Victorian bath.

They moved onto the bus in 2017 – and have even made room for their adorable pet goats Monty and Darwin.

While they used to pay £100 a month board to their parents, they now live for free on land owned by Charlie’s dad.

She said: “It was quite an impulsive decision to live off-grid but luckily my dad had an empty plot of land so we had somewhere to set up.

“At first it was going to be a caravan, then it was going to be a shipping container and then we went to see the bus and fell in love with it…

“It’s still fully drivable if we decided to take off but for now, we’re settled in for the foreseeable.

“Living in a house just doesn’t appeal to me. I can’t imagine going back.”

Cabin in the woods

Free-spirited Chloe Massey, 26, and Talib Ahmed, 27, paid £8,000 for a run down 40ft American school bus and spent six months transforming it in the first lockdown.

The pair, who are from Norfolk, added a deep-soaking Japanese bath, a log burner, electric oven and solar panels.

Just six weeks ago they swapped their £600 monthly house rental in Chloe’s home town of Frome, Somerset, for a £200-a-month woodland plot in Pembrokeshire, Wales.

Chloe said: “It’s a wonderful sense of freedom with no worries about rent or bills and we have everything we need here on the bus.”

Life on four wheels isn’t a new phenomenon – they travelled around Australia in a camper van four years ago.

Chloe added: “We loved getting lost in nature and after touring Australia, we went on to travel around Scandinavia in a Ford minibus.

“Converting the school bus was really on another level, but we did everything ourselves and we couldn’t be happier with how it’s all turned out.”

The couple have also set-up their own business, Indigo & Olive, to help others renovate camper vans.

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