Pilot explains how passengers can survive plane crash – including what to wear

Escaping a plane crash might sound impossible but it is believed a whopping 95% of accidents are survivable.

Last week, about 20 people were able to walk away from a plane which burst into flames after a failed takeoff outside of Texas, US.

So what should you do in the event of a plane crash?

According to one pilot, there's a number of things every passenger should do on a flight to make sure they're prepared.

Boeing 737 captain Dave Inch shared all his tips for preparing for a crash landing on Quora.

He even advised passengers on what to wear during the journey too.

Dave said: "Remove everything sharp from your pockets, loosen your belt and remove your tie or scarf and high heeled shoes.

"Take glasses off for landing so they don't fly off and are available to help you see your way out if you need them."

The captain also explained that passengers should remain in their seats until they receive information from a flight attendant.

They shouldn't open any doors or windows unless told to do so.

He continued: "Have a piece of cloth (preferably damp) to assist in breathing if there is smoke.

"If there is smoke during evacuation, stay as low as possible.

"If [it's] a water landing, do not inflate your life vest until you are at the doorway.

"If you inflate it and the aircraft fills with water, you will get trapped on the ceiling and not be able to swim underwater to get out."

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In other flight secrets, here's why you should always keep your shoes on for take-off and landing.

A 2015 study showed that sets in the middle of the plane had the worst mortality rate.

Meanwhile it was closely followed by those at the front of the plane, 38%.

The mortality rate for the back of the plane dropped to 32%.

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