Protecting yourself from coronavirus: how to keep your luggage clean

Months into the coronavirus crisis, travellers have grown familiar with how to protect themselves on airplanes, in hotel rooms and among crowds.

But what about the risk of returning home with potentially contaminated travel gear? Can you catch or spread the virus through your luggage or clothing? Medical experts say the threat is low but suggest several precautions you can take to reduce the worry even more.

Global health organisations and professionals do not yet know how long the coronavirus can live on certain materials, so they are basing their information on similar viruses, such as the one that causes Middle East respiratory syndrome (MERS).

The World Health Organisation estimates the coronavirus’ survival time from a few hours to several days, depending on various factors, such as type of material, air temperature and humidity. Hard, nonporous materials such as metal, plastic and glass are more welcoming habitats for viruses than soft goods such as fabrics.

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