Retired on $10k a year. See the life this couple built in Greece

A young couple have revealed how they managed to live out their retirement dreams 30 years early – by ditching their jobs and moving to a idyllic Greek island where they live on $10,000 a year.

Steph, 30 and Mat Trott, 34, from Sussex, UK, decided to leave their businesses as dog walkers in August 2018 and move to the small village Houmeri on the Greek island of Crete.

After getting fed up of living with Steph’s parents – they even lived in a caravan while they scraped together money for a deposit to get on the property ladder – they decided to skip ahead 30 years and move to the Greek village they’d dreamt of retiring to.

The pair spent about $99,000 of their savings to buy a two-bedroom villa in the quiet village, surrounded by olive trees, and say it was the “best decision” they’ve made.

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