Ryanair flights: Airline extends repatriation flights for stranded Britons stuck abroad

Ryanair and many other airlines are trying to rescue foreigners trapped abroad who wish to return home. Now, the affordable airline has decided to extend its limited flight schedule until April 23. The airline’s last update said that they would be running limited flights until April 16.


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However, the airline has said it is still complying with travel restrictions.

The airline made the announcement today on Twitter.

They said: “We are working with EU Governments to keep some minimum flight links open for emergency travel reasons – and this limited schedule will be extended until April 23.

“Full details of these flights can be found on http://ryanair.com.”

The airline’s press release explained that the aircrafts are disinfected daily and that they will be ready to return to a normal flying schedule once coronavirus is “defeated”.

The announcement read: “As most EU countries have imposed flight bans or other restrictions, over 90 percent of Ryanair’s aircraft are grounded for the coming weeks.

“We will comply with these restrictions at all times.

“We are working with EU Governments to try to keep some minimum flight links open for emergency reasons, even though the passenger loads on these flights is very low.

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“We are today (Tue 14 Apr) extending this limited schedule by a week to Thurs 23 Apr.

“Ryanair is operating these flights daily or weekly and all details can be found on the website.

“All the aircraft are disinfected daily. With low loads, social distancing is being optimised on-board and we ask all passengers to cooperate fully with our crews who are doing their best in difficult times to maintain vital links to/from Ireland and to/from the UK to facilitate our passengers and their families to deal with emergencies that may require urgent travel over the coming days and weeks.”

The airline added they don’t know how long it will be until the lockdown will end and that they support the actions taken by EU governments.

They added: “Until then let’s all take care of ourselves, each other, our families and our communities.”

Some of the routes include Dublin to other airports in the UK such as Bristol and Edinburgh, and Dublin to Amsterdam, Brussels, Berlin, Lisbon and Cologne.

Other routes are from London Stansted and Gatwick, to Dublin, Eindhoven, Lisbon, Cork, Berlin and Budapest.

However, many Twitter users have been left disappointed with Ryanair for not giving out refunds for cancelled flights.

One user said: “I’m still waiting for my flight refund. I requested it over 25 days ago as flights were cancelled and when I spoke to customer services online they said it would be in my account in 3 days that was 2 weeks ago?”

Another said: “I agree. No one on twitter appears to have been refunded. How can that possibly be the case? @Ryanair – Are you actually processing refunds OR are you holding our money for your own benefit?”

Another said: “Day 25 without refund. Pretty sure that’s illegal.”

Another posted: “26 Days requested refund still nothing.

“Credit Card company took over the transaction this morning. Complete Joke. 26 Working days is ample time to refund.”

In the EU, passengers should receive the refund of the cost of their ticket within seen days of cancellation.

In the US, according to the US Department of Transportation said: “If a passenger is owed a refund, an airline, travel agent, or online travel agency must process it within seven business days if the passenger paid by credit card, and 20 business days if the passenger paid by cash or cheque.”

Ryanair has been contacted for comment.

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