Ryanair posts a tribute to ‘cool’ capybaras that ‘slay’ and people are loving it

Ryanair has gone viral after sharing a bonkers video in tribute to the capybara.

The unusual animal – which looks like a giant guinea pig – is currently trending on TikTok for no apparent reason.

Capybaras are native to South America and are very friendly with humans.

They’re a social animal that loves water – and it seems Ryanair’s social media team is a big fan!

The airline titled its viral video “capy slay” before sharing a montage of Ryanair planes and staff with the animal photoshopped into the images.

The first side says: “Ew capybara ugly” before the airline goes on to defend the rodent.

In a number of snaps, Ryanair states: “Eh, stop. Capybara no ugly.

“Capybara cool, capybara es smart, capybara hero, capybara beautiful.”

In some photos the animal is inside the plane with the flight attendants while in others it’s flying the plane.

Ryanair continued: “Capybara hot, capybara love you and no forget capybara slay”.

Other unusual snaps show the animal on top of the plane’s wings or riding on top of it.

The completely bizarre video racked up over 149k likes and thousands of comments.

One person wrote: “Petition to rename RyanAir to CapyAir.”

While another laughed: “Wait so Ryanair have their own capybara? LETS CALL IT CAPY RYAN.”

A third quipped that they “just fell in love with Ryanair", to which the airline's team responded, “I’m a plane”.

"Ryanair, what is this,” a confused customer commented.

While another wrote: “What Gen Z is running this account because they know all the secrets?”

You can meet some capybaras yourself at Shepreth Wildlife Park in Hertfordshire.

Tickets for the capybara experience which lets you feed the cute rodents start from £100 – you can find out more at sheprethwildlifepark.co.uk.

Drusillas zoo in East Sussex also offers a capybara and beaver experience where you can spend half an hour feeding the animals and have the opportunity for a close up photo with a capybara! (You can book your tickets at drusillas.co.uk).

If you want to travel abroad to see them in their native habitat then they're fairly common in Panama, Peru, Venezuela, Brazil, Uruguay, and Columbia.


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